Thursday, March 29, 2012

Polyjuice Problems

Hello one and hello all! I am back from my trip and am back to start writing stories!
Enough of that, though. A person on deviantART has given me permission to write a story that was once a comic! (seen here:
In color:
So, credit is given to Blizarro (also to Kimbawest for the colored comic)!
I will be using some exerts/paraphrasing from the comic itself for a more humorous story, per se. So, I hope you enjoy the story ahead!

    Harry and Ron were needed to infiltrate Slytherin's House in order to spy on Draco Malfoy. However, Ron and Harry are Gryffindors, they're not allowed into other Houses. So, Hermione is going to make a Polyjuice potion; a complex potion where one can change into any human/animal. Hermione has gotten the majority of the ingredients and is already putting the potion together, however, Ron and Harry need a piece of DNA from both, Crabbe and Goyle.

    "You can't be serious." Ron complained. "About what?" Hermione asked as she mixed in a slab of Boomslang skin. "We have to get some piece of... them?" He sounded disgusted. "Well, if you are to go into Slytherin's House, you're going to have to disguise as them and there's no other way. So quit complaining and get something off of them." She sounded annoyed, but then again, she was pretty serious about her work. She looked up from the cauldron, "Go on, shoo." She waved them off and out of the bathroom.

    They both came back pretty quick. "Wow, they weren't hard to find, then?" Ron and Harry looked at each other and smiled, "You could say that..." Ron tried to keep from giggling. "Okay... Right, give me what you've got." Ron went up and gave Hermoine a damp handkerchief, "Goyle's spit, presumably." Hermione handled the wet napkin and dipped it in a cauldron. "Harry?" He stepped up and gave her a half eaten muffin. "My, are they fat and disgusting..." She dropped the muffin into another cauldron. "Alright, looks like the potion will be done tomorrow. I suppose you could come by after lunch." Hermione continued to mix the potions. "Sounds good to me." Harry shrugged. They both walked off.

    Around 11:35, Ron and Harry came back and looked oddly excited about the potions. "Okay; Ron, here's yours. And Harry's." She handed them a half beaker of juice that looks similar to wine. "Erm... I'm going to drink mine by the toilets, just in case I get sick..." Harry started to walk towards a stall. "It's not sickening, Harry, it's perfectly fine, you don't need to." Hermione explained. "No, no, it's fine. I'm just... It's paranoia, Hermione. Really, it is." Harry stepped into the stall. "Right... Okay, Ron, go on and drink your potion and we'll wait for Harry to get on with the plan. Ron smiled and started to down the repulsive potion. He placed the glass beaker on the floor and waited for the transformation.

    Almost immediately, Ron dropped to the ground in pain as the changes began to take place. His skin all over started to bubble and almost melt as his skin changed. His entire body shrank along with his robes which fit his new body completely. Hermione looked a little confused; he was supposed to grow. Ron's hair started to change from a firey red to a light brown, just like Hermione's hair. Quickly, it melted down in front of his face and down past his shoulders. His pants crept up his legs and pulled themselves together for a skirt. While his skirt fluffed out, his chest expanded and his privates were quickly changed to fit the new found panties below. After, his face changed into Hermione's! His polyjuice change was finished.

    "Ahh... Well then..." Ron stood up. "I say that went well." He... well, she, chuckled. "RON WEASLEY! WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL!?" Hermione was enraged; Ron didn't take Goyle's spit, it was her own from drinking water! "What's the matter, Hermione? You should be proud of yourself! Your knacker's are pretty impressive!" Ron squeezed her, well, not Hermione's but, Ron's own set. "RON! R-R... Ron... I feel so... Violated..." Hermione started to cry. "Aww, cheer up! You should be proud to have a body like this! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to change into something more comfortable." Ron began to walk away. "Ron... RON! DON'T YOU DARE LOOK AT MY NAKED BODY!!" Before she could go chasing him, she heard voice from behind, "My oh my, this is quite a nice body..." She turned around and found herself staring into Ginnie's eyes. "H-H-Harry?" Hermione's voice a little shaky. "Yes?" Harry answered as she put her glasses into her pocket. "You... You faked your potion, too?" Harry nodded, "Of course! It was Ron's idea and I liked it! Now, I'm going to meet Ron and we're going to have some fun." Harry walked off and Hermione was left in the dust with shock and disgust.

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