Thursday, March 15, 2012

Journal Entry #3: I'm getting smaller!

December 12, 8:23 AM

You're probably wondering why I'm up so early, thanks to my sister, Ashley, who woke me up... Well, scared me awake anyways. Back on topic, she woke me up by tickling me. But that's not why I'm writing so early. She tickled me and stopped as soon as she put her hands on me. First thought, she knew how mad I get when I get waken up. I opened my eyes, looking at her with anger, and she stared back at me with these... Her eyes were indescribably worried. First, she asked me if I was working out (kind of awkward isn't it?), but I haven't left the house. So, without hesitating, I pushed her off of me and shooed her out of my room in panic. And she was right; I was really skinnier. It looked like I had that figure that girls had, but like I said, I woke up really early so, it's just my eyes.

December 12, 9:00 AM

I was on my way to the bathroom right after I wrote earlier. I think I'm getting shorter, really, I am. There's this picture hanging in the hallway of our family photo. I went to the bathroom and came back and I couldn't see the top of the picture frame anymore. Either my sister moved it, or I really am getting shorter...

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