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Nathan had a fear, a phobia, if you will. What fear? 'Cooties'. Ever since he was told in 2nd grade by a majority of his friends that girls carried the stuff, he has avoided them for that long a time, and he was a Freshman in high school. He wasn't nerdy nor was he gay, he just avoided the women so he wouldn't contract this virus. He was even a little paranoid around his mom at times.

It was Friday, a day before Spring break, and Nathan was coming out of his last period class while everybody screamed cheerfully. While walking the halls of his school, he saw a familiar face, a girl. "Nathan?" She called to him. "Hmm?" He grunted as he looked up from his small trance of thoughts. "Don't you remember me?" She put her arms out in a 'look at me!' type way. Nathan slowly shook his head, "Yes and no... Who were you again?" Her face looked kind of heartbroken that he didn't remember her, "It's Angelica!" Nathan's eyes lit up, "Oh yea!! How are you? How come I haven't seen you around if you go here?" "I don't, I'm only here because I'm picking my little sister up." They got to talking for a while and came time where they had to part ways and go home. "Anyways, Nathan, it was nice seeing you again!" "Yea, you too. I'll see you next time!" Nathan began to walk off when Angelica grabbed his hand, "Wait, don't I get a hug?" Nathan's eyes opened to inhumane proportions. "Uhh... Sure!" He stumbled on his words. Angelica pulled him in and gave him a heart warming hug, Nathan hesitated to hug back. As they gave each other a friendly hug, Nathan's thoughts started to race, "Oh no, I have the 'Cooties'. I'm infected, I'm going to die." "Bye Nathan!" Angelica waved. Nathan made a small, effortless wave, "Bye..."

Nathan raced his way home, in distress, panic and fear of what he may have gotten. He arrived home, breathless and opened his door, throwing his things on the couch and taking his clothes off as he ran to his room. Stumbling and almost tripping, he made a sharp turn into his room and opened the bathroom door to start the water in his bathroom for a shower. Not caring how cold or hot it was, he jumped in and began vigorously scrubbing his body. He got out of the shower and began to dry himself. He kind of chuckled and blushed at the sight of his panicking. He went into his room and put some clothes on and lay on his bed, ready for the week of break that is ahead.

The next day, he woke up with a mean cough. He was coughing so hard, he felt that he was going to puke at some points. His dad came in to find Nathan on the floor, coughing. "Oh my God, Nathan, are you all right?" His dad knelt down and rubbed his back. Nathan gave a wave of his hand, gesturing 'Go on, I'm fine'. Nathan finally stopped his coughing fit and took in several deep breaths. "Wow... I don't know what was wrong!" Nathan's dad put a hand to his forehead. Nathan chuckled, "Dad, just because I was coughing doesn't mean I'm automatically sick." "Really now? You're so hot, I could cook your breakfast on your forehead. You're not going anywhere today." Nathan started to pout, "Really?! Come on, I'm sure... sure..." Nathan bent over, holding his stomach as he could feel his stomach push whatever was in there up and out of his mouth. Quickly running to his bathroom, he could feel the thick liquid that was vomit shoot up. He was over the toilet in a snap. "Uh-huh, that's what I thought. I'll go to the store and get some medicine and sick stuff for ya. Your mom went to work, so you'll be by yourself until then." Nathan looked up with droopy eyes and nodded.

Nathan went back into bed, sick as can be. "Ohhh... What could have gotten me sick? All I did was... NO....!" He thought back to his hug with Angelica. "Nooo, it can't be!" He chuckled. He got up from his bed and headed to the kitchen to get some water. Covering himself with a blanket, he started to jump and move his hands around, thinking he was a wizard. Who can't have a little fun while they're sick? He went up to his fridge and grabbed the handle. As he grabbed the handle, he noticed something odd about his hand. His hand seemed oddly smaller, his fingers were slightly longer, too. "Hmm..." He leaned in closer to get a closer look. Suddenly, his arms started to chafe all the hairs on his arm. Frozen in time, he watched his hairs fall off of his arm, making a nice, smooth surface. Not only did his hairs fall off of his arm, they fell off of his legs, too. Every bit of body hair fell off of him. Nathan sprinted back to his room. As Nathan sprinted, his chest started to spurt a little bit. He arrived at his room and got under the covers. But he forgot about his chest and he could feel some jerking underneath his shirt. He got up and took his shirt off and looked at his chest, only to find a small pair of breasts starting to form.

Scared and freaked out, Nathan got back under his covers. "Ok..." He started to talk to himself, "Maybe what you saw was just in your head. You're sick, you're seeing things, that didn't happen." He took a deep breath and took his arm out from under the sheets and examined it. It turns out what he saw was real; his arm had a lighter tone of skin, was smooth and looked smaller. Still looking at his arm, he could see something creeping down into sight. He looked up and saw strands of hair get in front of his eyes. He got out of his bed once more and into the bathroom, surprisingly, not to puke this time. He looked in the mirror and saw his hair slowly grow down to his shoulders; it looked so unreal of how it grew. After his hair was finished growing out, he felt a burning sensation on his but. He tried to turn and see what it was, but he soon found out that his butt had pushed out because of how tight his pajama pants, as well as his boxers were, on him. With this tightness, he could easily see that his clothes were changing. The color on his clothes started to fade away and get sun bleached with white. His pants came up a little higher to reveal his ankles. The collar on his shirt split into a 'V' neck, showing off the skinny and feminie features of what looked like his new body. A small pair of cherries sew themselves over his heart on his shirt. With all these changes, he could see his face change from Nathan to a girl he's never seen before. Hips widening and body features dimming down to feminine proportions, he knew what happened; Angelica gave him the 'Cooties'.

A sudden jerk in his hips made him cringe and wince in pain. He could feel in his groin a burning pain that started to transform what declared him a man. Slowly but surely, the piece of flesh awkwardly started to change. He could feel his skin open, fold and even suck itself in as his manhood dissipated into a void that was soon to become his. After what seemed like an hour, the transformation was finished and he could feel nothing obstructing his clothes. The small pair of breasts he sprouted earlier were finished and Nathan was officially a girl.

Nadine was horrified; Angelica had given him 'Cooties', and apparently 'Cooties' was a TG virus. "Pooh..." She sighed. She heard the front door open and her dad called, "Nadine, I'm home! Come on down and drink some medicine so you'll feel better." Nadine was confused, did her dad know that she was a boy before? She made her way downstairs and saw her dad unpacking bags. "Uhm... Dad?" She quietly called. "Yes, dear?" "Do you know who I am?" Her dad looked at her. He walked over and hugged her, "Of course I do, cupcake, you're my little angel!" Nadine smiled, "Thanks." She kept a tight secret from her parents of the life that was Nathan.

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