Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Journal Entry #5: I'm having... feelings?

December 15, 9:22 AM

My sister came back in to my room after I screamed bloody murder when I saw these new pieces of flesh. She came in and comforted me. Like I said, you can't ask for a better sister. But then she started getting ridiculous by asking all these questions. "Did you take some pills?" "Did you go to a plastic surgeon?" "Did you meet a wizard?" A wizard? Come on, sis, like there's such thing... As for the other 2, I don't take drugs and I haven't even left the house. I... oh, she's coming upstairs, I'll come back later.

December 15, 9:53 AM

First, let me tell you how pissed off I am with my sister: she comes in, gives me what she had given me yesterday and we started talking. Then, out of nowhere, she says, "I think I'm going to like having a sister around *WINK WINK*" I freaked out, pushing the toast onto my floor and spilling the chocolate milk all over my sheets, my clothes and her clothes. I just stared into the mirror thinking about my life as a girl; I can't picture it, I'm a guy for crying out loud! So, my sister got pissed with me. I apologized and we made up. She told me to go take a shower while she cleaned everything up, I think it's fine, so I go and take a shower!

Nope, doesn't work that way. Apparently, she has to change my bed sheets to pink and purple. lol, k. That's that, I'm sure she's just playing with me. She tells me she has to go to the store to buy... I dunno, food? Anyways, I'm sitting there with a towel around my bosoms, staring at my bed. I close my door and open my drawers; what do I find? What looks like my sister's clothes... WHAT IN GOD'S GREEN EARTH DOES SHE-... Door bell is ringing, did my sister forget her keys? Damn it, it looks like I'm going to have to put on some of these clothes... Be right back.

December 15, 10:10

It turns out it was my sister's boyfriend; he was looking for her. Plus, I was wearing some of her clothes and got called gay by him, but he's cool, I know he jokes around. Anyways, I told him she was at the store and I'm wearing these clothes as a dare. As soon as he asked me about my partially filled cups (in the shirt I chose to wear) I shut the door and said 'bye'.

He looked kind of cute. I think he may like me...
Does he? I kind of like him...

What am I saying? He's a guy! I'm a guy! I'm not gay! But these emotions... What am I feeling? It's not like me... Tomorrow's another day, it's probably just because I had a rough morning.

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