Monday, March 26, 2012

Journal Entry #6: A day with my sister

December 17, 11:15 AM

My sister wants me to go shopping with her. Apparently, I'm going to have to get used to the fact that I'm turning into a girl and have to to every single thing with her. I don't see why, I don't even like shopping! Then again, my hair has grown a little longer... I suppose I'll go for the hair cut, but nothing more!

December 17, 2:30 PM

It turns out I did buy a few things... A lot actually. Some shirts, shoes, stockings... panties... Which, I don't see why I need panties; I still have... well, you know, and it'd be kind of worthless having them if that's there. Any who, I got new clothes to replace my old ones.

December 17, 11:11 PM

You're probably wondering why I'm up so late. Well, it's because I wanted to record this dream I just had. I was a full bled girl. I don't know exactly where I was, but in my dream, I was kissing my sister's boyfriend. Euch, what a shock... I hope that doesn't mean anything... Really, I don't...

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