Monday, March 19, 2012

Journal Entry #4: What's happening to me...?

December 14, 8:30 AM

No, my sister didn't wake me up this time, I'm actually kind of worried. I woke up because of this dream I had; I was flying. I was soaring through the air as the wisps of clouds gently pressed against my face. That is, until, I woke up and found out that those 'clouds' were actually my arms. Yes, my arms, my entire body; skin and all, is soft! I feel... I feel like a baby with this skin, you know? It's so soft and warm, but yet, I look so pale and... kind of girly now that I looked in the mirror. I'll write back in here when and if something else happens.

December 14, 9:15 AM

My sister brought me breakfast! She's so nice, I'm glad we have a good brother/sister relationship and not one of those typical, 'I-hate-my-sister' 'I-hate-my-brother' things. But yea, she brought me some french toast she made (wonderful, by the way) and some orange juice. So nice of her ^3^.

December 14, 9:20 AM

Oh shit... Oh my great God almighty... Uh... Well, here's the thing: I was just finishing up my breakfast when I felt this thing under my shirt. I thought it was a sock (my room is a bit dirty) so, I just fluffed my shit to get it out. Well, when I fluffed my shirt, I... nothing came out. I pressed my hand against my chest and felt these... bumps. I didn't know what it was! I started to take my shirt off and... I HAVE TITS!!! Knockers, bewbs, melons, rack, a pair; whatever you call them, I HAVE BOOBIES!!!!

What the hell is wrong with me? What's happening...?

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