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My absence: I am sorry once more o.o

Sorry I haven't been on lately, I've recently made another deviantART specifically for TG stories. Might I say, it's going well! If you want to check it out, just visit my page!

I've been spending more time on it than I have writing more stories for the lot of you :P

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Gender Bender

NOTE: This story is all based and inspired from the SCP-Foundation. The link in which I found/got this from is here ( All credit (including the picture above) goes towards this site and particular picture! The below picture is just one used for the story :). Basically, just read the story so you can understand the story you're about to read :D

    Jess worked at the SCP Foundation. He kind of liked his job, though it was very dangerous working there because of all the specimens they kept locked up. He knew that one of these days that one of the specimens would break out and cause all hell.

     Walking down the white halls of the foundation, Jess was greeted by the companion that everybody loves: The Tickle Monster (SCP-999 for the curious :) ). He petted the giant blob and the blob responded with a sound of a giggle and rubbed against Jess and rolled away. Unlike most specimens, the Tickle Monster was very friendly and never aggressive. Jess continued his walk down the labs where he was needed to transport SCP-113, a fairly dangerous specimen. Although it wasn't living, the information on record showed that this specimen contained the ability to change one's gender completely. With a 25% fail rate and 75% chance of getting lacerations, internal complications etc., Jess made sure that he would double, maybe even triple check, his equipment before touching the thing. He arrived at the lab and was now in a hallway with 6 different doors. "Alright, I'm supposed to be in room..." He checked his clipboard. "...427." He slowly walked by each door, checking the numbers on each one. Room 427 was at the end of the hall. He opened the door and entered a cool, heavily air conditioned atmosphere. He didn't mind the cold; from what a lot of people say, cold air kills bacteria and some germs. Then again he was used to cold air because of how long he worked here. "Mr. Davis! Glad you were able to come!" One of his supervisors, Tom Roland, went up and shook his hand. "Naturally!" Jess smiled. "Please, this way." Tom waved a hand through another door.

    Jess entered the room to be greeted by what looks like a typical police interrogation room with 2 way mirrors and such. This is actually one of the first times he's been in a specimen cell that wasn't living. The security wasn't top notch in his eyes, but he knew there was a lot of secrets to all holding cells. Tom came on the intercom inside the room, "Mr. Davis, in front of you is specimen SCP-113. Otherwise known as the 'Gender Bender'. If I may read to you these precautions... *ahem* SCP-113 or 'Gender Bender' will change the sex of who/what ever it touches, which also includes animals and such. Should SCP-113 come in contact with your skin, it is advised that you try not to panic nor do you try to remove it. Any removal from the skin will cause 3rd degree burns and other complications that will harm you. Let SCP-113 do it's natural thing so that no damage is done. However, there is also a 25% chance that your transformation will fail, if he contacts you. There is also a 75% chance of minor tissue damage wherever it touches you." He heard papers rustling as if they were being put down. "Basically, Jess, you're screwed either way if you're touched."

    SCP-113 looked like a red stone, almost like amber but more red than orange. There was rubber gloves that lead into its cell and a small box to put it in. "Your job, Mr. Davis, is to place SCP-113 into the box to your right so that we may clean the holding cell and also add some adjustments. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes." Tom explained over the intercom. "If anything goes wrong, we'll be forced to lock down that room until whatever happens is over. Understand?" Jess gave an 'okey-dokey' hand symbol to one of the mirrors. "I was behind you, Jess, but that works, too." Tom chuckled. "You may proceed to move SCP-113." Jess went up to the fish tank-like container and slipped the gloves on. 113 was as still as a rock. Jess went over to pick it up, but it wasn't hard like he thought it was, it was like rubber slime. It slipped through his hands and jiggled on the floor of the cell, retaining its shape. "To be honest, Tom, I thought this was a stone like creature..." Jess focused on 113. "Nope, it's just as slimy as sewer waste..." Jess cupped his hands and held 113. It looked alive because it took shape of his hand, as if it was sitting in his hands. Jess quickly but cautiously hovered over the box, but just as he was about to settle it in, 113 jiggled and shot into the glove. "What the hell?!" Jess shouted in shock. There was a cool feeling along his forearm. He pulled one of his hands out and pulled up his lab coat's sleeve. There on his forearm was 113, hugging his arm for warmth and about to change his life.

    "BREACH!" Tom shouted into the intercom. "Breach in room 427! Specimen 113 has broken free of it's cell!" Jess heard the doors lock and the room became a blood red. "We can't risk that thing running among the place, Jess. You're going to have to stay there until... well, you're changed... I'm sorry there's nothing we can do for you but watch." Jess looked down at his arm as 113 soon grew colder. Then a sudden pain shot up his arm and through his body. After that shock, a soothing feeling flowed throughout his body, releasing a sense of relief. Afterwards, his body felt tingly, like his entire body was asleep and was regaining blood flow. After about 20 seconds, 113 jumped from his arm and back into the glove, squirting out back into its cell and sitting there. When 113 jumped off, it left a couple of red marks on his skin, almost like burn marks. "What now?" Jess called, rubbing his arm. "We wait until it's over." Tom responded. "Until what's over?" Jess started to panic, but had to calm down, otherwise he may screw himself over.

    Jess felt this excruciating pain come from his stomach. He knelt down and grabbed his abdomen to try to sooth the pain, but it only got worse. The pain soon shot through his body as if the blood itself were hurting. His entire skin was sore; sunburn sore. His entire body started to hurt and was becoming sore. His skeletal figure was hurting the worst, though. Jess was wincing in pain when he felt his back shift and his pelvis getting wider. He tried taking off his lab coat, but he was hurting too much. By this point, his back was hurting so much, he threw himself on the ground just to distract himself from the pain on his spine. He was arching back on the floor when his stomach painfully forced itself inward. A hot-cold feeling ran along his skin. His hips, forced by his newly grown pelvis, grew out to size to match his bone structure. It was hurting too much. Jess turned over into a fetal position. A burning sensation took hold of his butt when it painfully grew out to proportions. He had 'growing pains' on his legs when he literally felt them get shorter and something else. He was clawing at his head which started itching horribly. He scratched and shook his head, it felt as if there were parasites in his hair. The more he scratched, the longer his hair started to grow and he could see that in one of the mirrors in the corner of the room. Something caught hold of his throat and he began to cough. Not just a regular 'sick' cough, but a cough that would vibrate the room. He was coughing uncontrollably. Every few coughs, his voice rose and after about 15 seconds, his voice was the perfect pitch of a woman's.

    His chest started to hurt afterwards. At first, he though he was having a heart attack, but then found out it was something different when his chest started to bulge. He could see it; 2 lumps of flesh under his lab coat. The pain was brought back again. He moaned in pain as the skin was beginning to stretch, filling with fat and other material to fit the new figure of a woman. Rolling on the floor, he could begin to feel the weight of the new found boobs on his chest. 35 seconds of pain later, his breasts were finished growing and a sigh of relief escaped his mouth. But it wasn't done and Jess knew that, there was still the matter of...

    He grabbed the cloth of his black pants. "Oh God no..." There was no stopping it, Jess knew that, but the fact that this may cause major pain struck him. A wall of pain slammed into his crotch. Really, it felt like he just got kicked in the nuts. In fact, it may have even shot his testicles into his body. He could feel the small balls of flesh run up and place themselves on his pelvis. A bolt of pain shocked either side of his hips as part of his manhood morphed into ovaries. His sack started to envelop his penis, creeping along the piece of flesh that his is own. Not only did it feel weird, but also felt like acid was dissolving his penis. Jess' hand pounded the floor wanting that pain to stop. After the burning stopped, skin started to stretch and pull in his crotch. Muscles grew right below his butt and the muscles began to pull and tug on the remnants of his sack and penis. He was on the verge of passing out. The mass of flesh started to shrink and carve a fleshy cave in the void of his crotch. He felt air, air, inside him. He could feel the new found path of what is beginning to be his uterus. The muscles of his almost finished vagina started to close and seal itself together. He jumped as the muscles cramped to get the void closed and was 'over'. The girl that was Jess panted on the ground. "Finally..." She thought, "... A break."

    She couldn't feel it, but the canal of the uterus had finished without her knowing. She was now an official girl. An amount of joy radiated from her vagina and she giggled as goosebumps arose from her skin. The lights turned back on, but there was still precaution to be taken. "Jess!" Tom called, "Are you alright?" The girl stood up and looked down at the new body before her. "Erm, Tom? I think I may need a new name..." She pulled on her shirt, on her pants and poked one of her breasts. "Yea..." Tom sighed. "We'll let you out so you can rest and have some medics look at you, just to be sure that you're fine." 'Jess' heard the doors unlock and Tom opened the door, gesturing a way out.

    As 'Jess' walked to the medical office, she started thinking of a new name now that she was a girl. "Jessica..." The name echoed in her head and she smiled at the name. She entered the office and was greeted by a nurse by the name of Jade. "Hi, Jess!" She greeted in an overly happy tone. "Erm... I happened to think of a name on the way over here... It's Jessica." She didn't want to intrude or be rude, but hell, why not start getting used to the name? "Alrighty, Jessica!" Nurse Jade nudged her with an elbow. "Right... We're going to need to take x-rays to be sure than everything is in order. This is just for your safety." Nurse Jade went over to grab a gown. "You're going to need to change into this, though." She handed Jessica the gown. "Right..." Jessica hesitantly walked over to the bathroom.

    She entered the bathroom and started to strip down. She felt embarrassed even though nobody was around to watch. It was the fact that she was about to explore parts of her new body that she hasn't experienced herself. She got into the gown and exited the bathroom. "I'm in!" Jessica said sheepishly. "Alrighty! If you step over here to the x-ray, we'll begin. Don't worry, it's not enough to injure you, so you won't need a plate to protect yourself." Nurse Jade pointed to a small bed with a giant piece of equipment hovering over it. She lay down and let the nurse do her job. The machine moved and hummed for about a minute and Nurse Jade called from behind the glass, "And done!" She called. "Wow... that was fast." Jessica got off of the table. Jessica entered the examining room. "Anything wrong?" She sat down on one of the leather chairs. "Hmm..." Nurse Jade was examining the pictures. "Nope! You're 100% healthy. It's as if you've been a girl your entire life! My, you're quite lucky. Most other people that get changed have some sort of organ problem, and it's mostly the sex organs." Jessica was amazed. "Now, you do have an option, Jessica." Nurse Jade began. "What do you mean?" Jessica asked. "Well, your change isn't permanent. You can either stay that way, or you can go back to the room where SCP-113 is and change back by letting it touch you again." It was a thought that Jessica kind of thought about. "I can be a girl for a while... I wouldn't mind that." Then Jessica thought back to when she was turning into a girl. "But the pain I would have to go through just to get back into me again..." "No... I think I'll stay a girl for a while." Nurse Jade shrugged, "Ok. That's you choice! But if you ever want to change back, you just let me or Mr. Roland know." "Ok!" Jessica went back to the bathroom and changed back into her clothes. They were a little loose fitting, but Nurse Jade was able to help by putting a couple of pins on the clothes to keep it on. Jessica went to Tom's office. "So, what happened?" Tom asked. "I'm perfectly fine. Although, you're going to have to meet somebody I met. Her name is Jessica Davis."

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Magic does exist

This may seem closer to a story that was written some time ago (refer to the Valentine's Day story :) ) but really, this is in spite of me personally. I won't go into detail ;). Also, if the story seems to be getting dirty, don't worry about it, you guys should know I don't do anything 'erotic' :D

    Clark was a Sophomore in high school and he didn't have a girlfriend. It's not the fact that it bothered him much, it was the fact that he just wanted somebody to cuddle with, somebody to hug and talk to. But to him, that shot at happy times was nothing but a dream. He did have a friend in particular, however, Sarah. Sarah was one of his closer friends. He was originally going to ask her out, but never did because he was afraid that it would complicate things and also get 'friend-zoned'. So, Clark figured, why not give it a shot of asking Sarah out? It doesn't hurt but try!

     The next day at school, Clark ran into Sarah on the way to 3rd period. "Oh, hey Sarah!" Clark greeted. "Hi!" She responded. "Uhm... I, uh... I had a question to ask you..." Clark felt warmer as his adrenaline started to rush. "What's that?" "I was wondering if you... wanted to do something sometime? Like a date?" At this point, he pretty much just dropped the bomb was already shaking. "Oh... Uh... Well, Clark, it's not that I don't like you, it's just that you're a good friend and I don't want to lose a friend like you to complications from a relationship." "Damn it, I was afraid of that!..." Clark thought. "Ah, I see..." He responded in defeat. "Oh, don't worry, Clark, I know you'll find somebody! I've got to get to class. I'll see you at lunch!" She began her way down the hall. "Bye!" He waved and continued his day in dread.

    He didn't feel the need to cry nor the need to feel needy, he just felt... depressed, struck down. Why did it matter? He knew it wasn't going to work anyways. Oh well, better just get home and forget about it. He arrived home awfully quiet and his parents noticed his weird emotion. "Is there something wrong, Clark?" His mom asked, having a hint of worries in her tone. "No, I'm fine, I'm... I'm just thinking." "Okay, dear, just let me know if you want to talk or anything. You're kind of scaring me, to be honest." Clark made his way to his room and sat down in front of his TV watching cartoons. He felt pathetic, but it was just Sarah that was getting to his mind.

    Later that night, after he turned his computer off to go to bed, he some time to star gaze for a little bit. As he looked up at the night sky he say something move from the corner of his eye, a shooting star. "Hmm..." He thought, watching the sparkle in the sky, "I... I wish I was in a relationship..." And after the wish was made, the sparkle in the sky shot down into Earth as if the universe heard him. He kind of smiled, but at the same time, he never really believed in that kind of mumbo jumbo. He went to bed and a little part of him hoped that wish came true.

    He woke up about 10 minutes earlier than he usually does. "Oh man..." He slowly arose from his bed, feeling a massive headache approaching. "Jeez, I hope this is just one of those hour sickness things..." In the dim morning light, Clark noticed his hands and his arms unusually small. "... Hm?" He grunted and squinted to look in the dark. "Ah, it's probably just the light and my eyes..."  Still getting himself up from the covers of his bed, he felt not only lighter, but more... brisky. His clothes felt a lot looser and when his shirt brushed up against his chest, it felt tingly as if his chest somehow fell asleep and was regaining blood flow. He ignored it and proceeded to the bathroom. Turning the lights on, he stumbled back from how bright his lights were. "Oh God!" He carefully walked into his bathroom, covering his eyes until they got used to it. He looked at himself in the mirror, noticing some odd traits about himself: skinnier/slimmer, less muscle and more feminine, his chest felt and looked a little bloated and he could feel that some parts of him were a little bit bigger, but he ignored it assuming that it was just his groggy state of mind.

    He stripped down to get ready for a shower, but as he did, he found that all of his body hair was gone! None on his legs, on his arms, under his arms and his privates were also naked. "What's going on?" Panic started to settle. He was concerned as to what happened to his body and to his hair. "I think this is my sister's doing..." He mumbled. He and his sister, Lauren, were notorious for playing pranks on each other every now and then before school, so, he thought nothing of it. He turned the water on and threw his clothes aside. He stepped into the water and began washing himself. Rubbing himself with soap, his skin felt so much softer. A feeling of stress was purged from his body. "Oh man, I feel amazing!" He felt new and refreshed when he cleaned himself. 

    He bent down to clean his legs and such when he noticed... well, his piece of flesh. It twitched in his face and he flinched. Then, the entire thing started the retract and pull itself in, making a faint slurping sound in the water. "WHAT THE HELL?!" He dropped his soap and started to flip out. He could feel his skin folding and morphing into something else. His sack was deflated and had got ridden of 'objects'. A flap started to peel itself open and pull in whatever was left of his penis. The downward pull of his skin made him cringe in sheepish emotion, giving himself goosebumps. With everything tucked away in an organic fault, the hole began to seal itself. More skin was pulled into this black hole and clamped shut. He got a hand and felt around this closed void and was very tight as if muscles were clenched so hard! Then, a sudden sense of joy hit him. All of his muscles relaxed to the point of his knees buckling beneath. He cautiously lay himself down in avoidance of hitting something.

    He lay in his bathtub, with the water hitting his skin, with happiness and such flowing through his body with a rush. "I feel like I'm on drugs!" Clark said to himself, allowing the water to his his face. Still laying down, something sticky caught on the back of his neck. He grabbed it and it was his hair, which was now a burnt burgundy color and longer than before. "What?" He still didn't get the message nor did he understand what was going on. He got up and finished washing himself, still in amazement and under the spell of his rush. He turned the water off and stepped on the towel in front of the tub. He grabbed another towel from the rack and covered himself with it. But as he was tying the towel around his waist, he could visibly see his chest had sprouted small breasts. "Ah!" He yelped in a squeaked voice and covered 'his' breasts.

    Now technically a girl, she noticed her voice, "Wow, voice crack..." She said to herself with severe voice cracking in the sentence. "Wow!" She sounded sick with how bad it was. She began to clear his throat. Each 'ahem' was bringing her pitch of voice higher and higher. At one point she 'ahem'ed so hard that she ended up having a coughing fit. At last, her throat was clear. "Hello, helloooo." She tested out her voice. "Whoa!" She was alarmed that the tone of her voice was now in the tone of a woman's. "Did... Am..." She walked to the mirror and found a 17 year old girl staring at her. "No..." She touched the mirror in a typical 'is-that-really-me' type of way. "Oh my God! I'm a girl now!?!" She accidentally dropped her towel to reveal the naked body that was hers to the mirror. "So, what happened in the shower..." She felt the void between her legs, "... And what happened right now..." She looked at her breasts which had grown a little since she had last seem them. "Wow..." She was shocked! What would you do if you had just turned into a girl?

    If she was a girl, then that means that none of her clothes would fit her. Luckily, she always leaves last in the family so her parents and her sister were gone for the day. Quickly, she ran to her sister's room to grab some clothes. She grabbed a blue skirt, some knee socks, a bra, some panties and a dress-wear tank top. She had trouble with the bra, but she eventually got all of the clothes on. She grabbed one her sister's hand bags that she used to take to school, stuffed it with some of her papers and sprinted to school.

    To her surprise, she was early. She usually got out of bed, took a shower and all that and arrived around 5 minutes until the bell rang, she was 10 minutes from the bell. "Hmph..." She scoffed softly to herself. "Hey!" She heard a voice from behind, it was Sarah. "Wha...?" She turned around to find Sarah jogging up to her. "I haven't seen you around, are you new here?" "Erm... Yes." She answered shyly. "Don't be shy! Here, I'll be your guide and your first friend here! I'm Sarah, what's your name?" The girl that was originally Clark started to stutter, "I'm... I-I *cough*" She tried faking a coughing fit and it stalled for enough time. However, that stalled time wasn't for 'Clark'... "Uh... I think you have something on your face..." Sarah began to gesture. "Where?" She looked up and Sarah looked into her eyes, "Clark??" "Great, she found out already..." "What happened?!" "I don't know! I just wished on this star that I could be in a relationship and coo coo cachoo, I'm a girl!" Sarah began to click her tongue, "Should've specified..." She shrugged, "Oh well..." Sarah's eyes lit up, "I know a guy who'd be perfect for you! He's exactly like you; can't find a girlfriend, Sophomore... C'mon, I'll show you!" 'Clark' stood in the same spot, "Sarah, you know I'm still me..." "I know, but you're a girl now! It wouldn't be weird!" Sarah grabbed her hand, but she snapped it away, "It'd be weird for me, though. I still have the mindset of a guy." "C'mon! You still have 8 minutes before school, at least talk to him for a little bit!" Sarah was practically hanging off of 'Clark's' strength. "Fine..." She bolted off with 'Clark' in hand.

    They arrived to a couple of tables outside not too far from the front door. Sitting there was a guy that looked just like him, even playing a little bit of Pokemon like he used to do. "Go on!" Sarah gave her a little push. What was odd to 'Clark' was how each step she was a little more attracted to him. By the time she got to the table, she was practically in those 'oh my God, I want to be in your arms all the time' places. "Hi!" She called. The boy looked up, "Hello!" "What's your name?" "Ethan. What about you?" 'Clark' had a name in mind when she was walking, it was the new mindset that had taken over when she saw Ethan. "Chelsie." "Chelsie... I like that name." Chelsie blushed and they got closer to each other, talking until school started. Sarah was watching the magic unfold and she teared up a little. Sarah and Chelsie were still friends along with Ethan being Chelsie's boyfriend. Chelsie got what she finally dreamed of for the longest time, but somewhere in the back of her mind, Clark was still there and was finally happy.

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It's been TOO long since I've last been here! First off, let me say that I'm sorry I haven't been doing anything with stories. I've actually been... 'busy'. And by that, I mean I've been playing nothing but games and sleeping all day ever since summer started. What are you going to do? :shrugs:

So, with me being back (and hopefully going to be more active) I'm going to start brain storming some ideas for stories. I have one in mind, but like all of my other stories, I'm going to have to search for a picture :P. I'm probably going to give my background a change, just something new to look at, you know?

Other than that, I'm kind of excited to get started again!

One more thing: Since I'm still going to be playing a lot of games, you should come find me so we can talk or just be friends :D

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Wade in the Waters

Disclaimer: Okay, guys, since this is my first 'graphic' story, I'm going to have to do things a little different.
The following story is not meant for... virgin eyes, I guess you could say. So, if you feel that you may not be able to handle such language or whatever, then please, be aware. If you feel that you may be offended (no racial slurs, I'm talking 'nasty' words), can't handle bad language or just don't want to read because of it, then don't continue to read the story. Mind you, I will not hold back, this means that if there's a certain part of the transformation or a word that I wouldn't use before, then I will use it. But likewise, I'll also try to hold back from using it too often and such. After all, I still keep an innocent mind :)
Thanks! (last reminder, the 'graphic' part of the story will be 'highlighted' with this: ~. So if you want to read the story, but skip the 'graphic' part, then just look for that :) )

Thanks to LanFang ( on deviantART for allowing me to use the picture and for the inspiration for this story!
For a bigger and better view of this picture, take a look! ( It's very big and has a very good resolution so you can look at the detail put into this!
Thanks again!

    Kevin lived pretty much a normal life. Nothing was too bad nor was it too good. It was just an average day for him everyday and he liked it that way. Of course, if something good or bad would happen, then there would be a slight change in his routine, then, back to normal as if nothing happened.

    It was Friday and Kevin was driving home from work, listening to music with a smile on his face. Not that his job was bad, he just liked Fridays because he could sleep in and work on other things aside from what he should bring for lunch. Approaching his house, he noticed a mail truck pulling up to his driveway. "Perfect timing!" He said, pulling over behind the truck. He turned off his car and walked up to it as the mail lady exited the truck. "Excuse me!" Kevin announced his presence. She turned around and smiled, "Hi there! I'm going to assume you live here?" Kevin noticed a package in her hands, "Yes, ma'am! And I'm going to assume that that package is for me?" He pointed to the small brown box in her hands. She looked down and chuckled, "Yes! I just need you to sign this." She handed Kevin an electric pad for him to sign. He signed it and received the package. "Thank you! Have a nice day!" He called. "You, too!" The lady responded and she drove off.

    He got back into his car to park the car and proceeded inside his house to examine the package. He placed it on the counter and attempted to find a return address or maybe even an address in general, but he couldn't find any. He was afraid of opening at first considering the package was a strange one from an unknown person; it could have been a bomb or poison. Kevin got a knife and carefully sliced the tape on the side of the box. Still being cautious, he slowly opened the flap on the right and pulled out a styrofoam piece with cellophane on top. He looked at it and found a bottle of something. It was a bath goodie, some sort of shampoo or bath soother. He opened the cellophane and took the bottle out. It was no bigger than a shot glass. He turned the bottle trying to find a label of a company or the name of the product, attempting to find out what it was exactly. Then he noticed a camouflaged paper in the styrofoam. He picked it up and opened it. It read:

    Soothingly Bath Oil!
    Congratulations! You and 12 other people have been chosen to test our new product! This bath oil will sooth your pores, relinquish any stress and calm your soul! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply ready a bath, get inside and pour our product into the water. You'll begin to feel new in seconds!
We hope you'll enjoy our product!

    It was very strange to get a letter from a person or a company that wasn't even stated on the paper, but he was willing to try it out for himself to see if it was worth the time. If it wasn't, then at least he'll be clean.

    Kevin went upstairs to his bathroom and began to run a bath. He stripped down and placed the small bottle of oil on the tub. He stepped into the warm, but soothing water and lay down in relaxation. After a few moments of calm, he grabbed the bottle, opened it and poured it around the water, making sure the oil didn't seep down to his skin. To his surprise, the yellow-colored oil turned purple as it hit the water. He didn't mind it, it was probably the heat that changed to viscous liquid. Feeling the oil almost immediately, he went into a deeper conscience  of relaxation. Closing his eyes, he could feel a tiredness flow over him as he almost fell asleep, but of course, he remembered that he was in water and in fear of drowning in his own bathtub. However, when he opened his eyes, the water was entirely purple! No, not type of purple to where you can see through the water, it was a solid purple. "What the...?" Kevin got a little panicked. He then noticed some steam coming from the water. "Did the water get hotter from that?" Kevin couldn't really tell because he'd been in the water itself. A weird feeling came over his body, like something was about to happen. He couldn't see through the water and that kind of scared him. A piece of hair brushed in front of his eyes. Naturally, he had relatively long hair, but this was longer than what he had. Not only that, but it was red!

    "What the hell!?" Kevin got out of the bathtub and stood up. He looked down and noticed that every body hair that existed on him, was gone. He could see that his skin was peeling off as if he had sunburn. Any patches of peeled skin revealed a paler, softer skin underneath. It was as if he were wearing a body suit his entire life. While that was going on, he could feel his limbs begin to shrink and shape themselves. Kevin was so confused, he didn't know what was going on and he couldn't stop it. All the while as his hair continued to grow red. He got out of the bathtub and stood in the mirror to watch in horror. His chest was red like he had a rash. The skin broke around his right bosom as skin started to push out of the dead remnants of his skin. His nipple perked as it continued to push. The other bosom was still red, but skin still peeling off. Still looking in the mirror, he could see that the entire right side of his body was changing. "Changing..." Kevin thought, "Changing into..." His eyes lit up. He realized that he was turning into a girl.

    His bones were beginning to grow sore, Kevin could feel them underneath his skin as they began to shrink down into proportions for his new body. He arched slightly in pain as his spine took him down a couple of inches. His legs were slimming themselves into a shapely pair. His fingers grew slightly longer and his nails grew to add to the effect. He looked like a monster. The right side of his body was female while the other half was still muscular and manly. But a few spots on his body showed feminine pieces, like his collar bone was visible to him now. His shoulders toned down and his face was beginning to change. He could feel his eye have a muscle spasm. And to his attention, his right eye was now blue instead of brown. Then something on his crotch started to bug him, and that was the worst part of his change.


    Kevin felt a slit underneath his scrotum. The slit was cutting itself open around his scrotum. The left testicle shot up into him, making him flinch, and the rest of the skin on that side followed. Now, completely visible, Kevin could see the slit about as big as a finger with a testicle hanging out of it. It was gross; you could see inside of his crotch, all the skin and some of his organs. With his testicle hanging out of it still, he could see and feel his penis began to bend over and point itself into the open hole. "Oh my God..." He cringed in pain as the skin on his penis was starting to stretch. It was stretching so much, that at the top of the penis, the skin started to break and rip like paper. Then, Kevin could see that the skin on his penis was scrumping up. He took a closer look and saw the 'innards' of his penis pull itself out of the skin. My, was it painful to feel his entire penis come out of his crotch and into the hole. He could feel the penis move up inside him and stopping right below his stomach. It started to stretch down into a canal for what is going to be a vagina. His other testicle finally shot up into him and moved into place with the other one, forming another ovary. The skin from his penis started to pull itself into the hole and turn into a 'wall' for the canal. The top of the skin pinched itself all along the slit and stopping a little ways below his butt. The hole closed up and pinched itself once more to finalize the shape of his now new vagina.


    Kevin now noticed that the skin of his 'old body' was on the floor around him in a mess. Some patches were still on his body, but the majority of it was now pale, soft skin of his new self. His hair was practically finished, it was still growing the front of his hair for bangs. His other half of his body seemed to catch up with his right because his hand was slimmer and his other bosom was already pushing out with a perky nipple. Kevin started to cough. Each cough he made brought his voice higher in pitch to the point of a soft voice that a teenager would have. The last seconds of his transformation was taking place as the patches of skin fell off of him and small detail changes were taking place, like his nose shrinking. At long last, the painful moments of his transformation was done and Kevin was officially a girl.

    Kelsy was a little surprised. The bottle of oil she received in the mail was probably a gender potion. But, in her mind, she didn't necessarily care. "Hmm..." She held the bottle up to her eyes, examining the thing. "Why would somebody send me something that would turn me into a girl?" She put the bottle down and shrugged. "Oh well, it was probably just a prank..." She turned to the mirror and began to examine her new body. It was awfully strange, being a girl. Some of the feelings were alien to her. For example, she didn't have a penis and she had breasts. Was that normal for her? Not really, but she didn't mind it. She was girl now and she'd have to realize that, but that realization came quite quickly when she smiled and walked out of the bathroom to get clothes. She was going to like this new life of hers.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dexter's Accident

    Dexter usually kept to himself in his laboratory. That is, until his sister, Dee Dee, comes into play. Dexter hates when Dee Dee comes into his lab. Every time she comes in, she usually messes something up, regardless if Dexter was working on it or not. Not only so, but she always oh-so curious as to what Dexter was up to. But sometimes, it was more than just seeing what Dexter was doing.

    Dexter was in his lab, as usual, working on some invention that would revolutionize his own little world. But, this was out of the ordinary, Dexter didn't seem like working on any of his towering robots, his machines or upgrading his personal assistant, his computer. No, Dexter decided to do something with chemistry. Sure, he's made a few concoctions here and there, but those were necessary, they weren't for personal use. He was making some kind of drink that would enhance one's appearance; mainly to make himself taller and better looking. "Hmm..." Dexter was lost in his mind about what he should be adding to this 'potion' to make it any better. "I think this may need some sort of flavoring. After all, I don't want to be drinking..." He looked over to his left and saw the ingredients he used; fish oil, crushed rose petals, fragrant grass. Pretty nasty tasting stuff. "... Ugh... I shall acquire some soda!" Dexter walked off out of his lab and downstairs. But Dexter forgot to close his door to the lab. Dee Dee waltzed into his room and into his lab.

    Dee Dee was always fascinated with Dexter's lab, no matter how many times she had been in there. And she wasn't exactly up to par with safety, either. She had walked in his lab with a Pony Puff Princess energy drink. Wondering his lab and examining the different machines and gadgets that Dexter's lab had to offer, she found his little chemistry station where he was working on his drink. "Ooohh..." She put her drink on a hot plate next to Dexter's beaker and was awestruck with the different vials and tubing that chemistry had to offer. "Wooooowww..." Then, the familiar voice struck her ears, "Dee Dee, what the heck are you doing in my labor-a-tory?!" Dexter angrily walked over to his sister and put his soda next to his beaker. "How many times have I told you to stay out of my labor-a-tory, stewpid girl!?" "Oh, calm down, Dexter, I was just looking at your toy here." She pointed to Dexter's chemistry station. "Dee Dee, that is not a toy, this is extremely dangerous stuff and you could get hurt without proper gear." As Dexter was explaining to Dee Dee, the energy drink that was on the hot plate practically exploded. Most of the liquid from the drink landed in Dexter's beaker. "STEWPID GIRL! You see what you have done?! You've ruined most of my machinery! GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!" Dexter pushed his sister out of his lab and shut the door.

    "Oh, look at this mess!" Dexter pouted. "Computer; please get the janitor-bot on this, please?" "Of course, Dexter." His computer politely answered. A whirring came from down the lab and a robot with a rag and comb mustache was on the job immediately. "Careful of the equipment, janitor-bot." The robot beeped understandably. Dexter grabbed the soda and carefully poured it into the beaker that held the potion. "There we are!" Dexter held up the beaker in success. "Now, all we have to do is drink it and we'll be on our way to a better school life!" Dexter gulped the potion down in a matter of seconds. He placed the beaker on the table and sighed in satisfaction. "Hmm..." He smacked his lips, trying to take in another taste that he didn't seem to recognize. "Why is there a faint taste of cherry?" He went back to his soda and saw that it was just regular soda. He looked over at the ingredients he used and noticed the rose. "Could it have been the rose?" He shook his head and went back to work in his lab, waiting for the effects to take its course.

     Dexter felt sore after walking away from his station. "Good, it seems to be working!" He stood in front of his giant robot and looked into the leg for a reflection. Yea, it was working alright, he was a foot taller. "Excellent!" But Dexter's triumph was killed when his legs snapped back to his original height. He fell down. Dazed, he stood up and looked into the robot again. Not only was his head still hurting, but he thought he saw himself with blonde hair. "Ouch... That fall was quite a doozy!" He walked casually to a first aid bot and got an ice pack for the back of his head. He placed the pack on the spot where it was most sore and continued walking to his massive super computer. After a couple of steps, he felt the soreness spread all over his scalp. "What the heck is going on?" He started to jog back to the robot. At first, he assumed he was bleeding. But the truth was revealed when he saw his reflection: his hair was down to his neck. "Oh no!" He ran back to his chemistry station to check for any sort of solution. "Computer, analysis!" He shouted as he sprinted for his station. "Scanning... Scanning complete. Dexter, it appears that you are changing into a female from my analysis." Dexter arrived at his station, "Impossible! How is that?!" Frantic, Dexter was practically sweeping his entire station clean, looking for answers. He noticed that the gloves on his hands were gone. He looked back to find them on the floor a few feet back from him. He looked down at his hands and found them rapidly shrinking. His lab coat started to press against his skin. "ARGH! What can it be?!" He noticed the charred remnants of a bottle on the floor. He picked it up and mouthed what he could read on the bottle. His eyes grew wide with anger. "DEE DEE!!!!!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. He ran out of his lab and across the hall to his sister's room and began to pound on the door.

     "OPEN THE DOOR, GIRL!" Dexter noticed his black shoes were no longer rubber, and could feel socks on his feet. She opened the door in a polite, almost mocking way. "Yes, Dexter?" She had her eyes clothes and responded to him in a way stereotypical butlers would. "Dee Dee, you stewpid girl, look what you and your stewpid energy drink have done to me!" He pointed to himself and found that his entire bottom torso was changed completely: red flats with pinkish socks. His lab coat started to feel different when the sleeves started to climb his arms. "I don't know what you're talking about, Dexter." Dexter held up her energy drink. "Does this remind you of anything?" She picked the bottle out of his hand and slapped her face. "Oh no! You weren't supposed to drink that, Dexter!" He was a little confused as to why. "Why?" His sleeves stopped short below his shoulder and the bottom half of the lab coat fluttered down into a skirt. "Only girls are allowed to drink this! Have you no knowledge?" Dee Dee explained. Dexter himself was lost completely on a new world. "I-I-I don't understand, why...?" "PONY PUFF PRINCESS!" Dee Dee shouted some sense into him. "PRINCESS! Do you get it now?!" For some odd reason, Dee Dee was kind of panicking that her brother was turning into a girl. Dexter's lab coat's buttons fell off when the entire piece of clothing mashed together and turned red, becoming what is a girls dress. Feeling a tug in his hair, Dee Dee witnessed a red bow appear on the top of his head. "What am I going to do!?" Dexter shouted, hearing his voice climb with each syllable. Finally, Dexter's face morphed with feminine features and his change was finished..

    Dee Dee was shocked, but at the same time, excited. "NOOO!" The girl that is Dexter screamed. "It won't be that bad, Dexter." Dee Dee knelt beside her, trying not to explode with joy. "Come, I'll show you what it means to be a girl!" Dee Dee gestured a hand into her room. Dexter succumbed to her and walked into room, with a glum look on her face. When Dee Dee entered the room, she finally let her emotion go and started to shout with glee that her little brother is her little sister. From there on, Dexter was known as Diana and learned everything she needed to know from Dee Dee about how to be a girl. Of course, his knowledge never left him, Diana still goes into her lab and is still trying to find an antidote for the gender changing potion that Dee Dee created.

Sorry the story seems a little rushed near the end, but in reality, it's kind of supposed to be a... a kid's type of story. After all, it's Dexter's Laboratory, I don't want it to turn graphic! :P

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Magic Soap

    Man, I can't believe I lost the bet! And by a couple of points, too! Ugh, I'm getting to ahead of myself; let me start over. My name is Alex and me and my sister, Gina, had this bet on a game called 'Scramble with Friends'. I'm not sure if you know it, but it's like finding so many words in 2 minutes. Anyways, the bet was that if I win against her, she would have to turn herself into a boy for a month, if I lost, I'd have to turn myself into a girl for a month. And what happens? I lost the game by 7 points. SEVEN POINTS!! I had that game in the bag! God... A bet's a bet, my sister is actually out right now, buying something that'll change me.

    And apparently the 'changing' material is... Soap! Soap? Why soap? Why can't it be like a magical potion that tastes like sunshine dust? I mean, the name is 'Magic Soap', literally. That's pretty stupid, really it is. Might as well get into the shower and do it before my sister beats me up for not following a bet through. I opened the bar of soap and, it doesn't smell too bad! It actually smells like the uhm.... The antibacterial hand soap, you know? It's orange and smells... Ah, forget it, it just smells good! Anyways, so I get into the shower and start washing myself down with the soap. Nothing is really happening. Then, after about a minute of lathering my body, I felt this tingling all over my body. Like there was some sort of electricity flowing through. I had to keep washing, I don't think a small layer of soap isn't going to do me good. So, I'm washing and washing and then my skin feels really good! Not good as in rejuvenated, good as in soft! It was like this soap was made of baby oil! Anyways, back to what I was saying, my body started to go through some changes now that I've gotten enough soap into the pores. As a matter of fact, my hair started to grow. Might I say, when your hair grows quickly like that, it kind of hurts. I don't think your body is supposed to do that, which is why it did. But, my hair, it was long! Not only that, but the color of my black hair melted off and was now blonde. I liked it; it was blonde, but there was a pink hue to it when it was in shade, pretty cool! Then I noticed all of the body hair was thinning, disappearing, almost shrinking into my skin. Not only did I have the smooth skin of a girl, but now, I didn't have any body hair to prove it! Which is good, I suppose...

    I started to shrink next. I felt sore when I was shrinking, the muscles and bones were cramping like I had done nothing but straight aerobics and stretching and stuff. It was actually starting to hurt after a while, really bad actually. While I was shrinking down to size, my legs and my arms were shrinking along with it. Not only to fit the proportions of my body, but almost slendering to give myself the small, detailed curves that a girl had, you know? My legs got extra attention, they were so shapely by the time I finished shrinking, actually kind of sexy! But no, I shouldn't be talking about myself like that, that's just wrong... It's one thing to bask in the way you look, but actually getting turned on by the way you look? Nope, that's just disgusting. Anyways, My hands and feet had shrunk by this time so they didn't look out of the ordinary, might I say, I did have some cute hands and feet! Then I started to freak out when I saw my chest grow these 2 mounds of flesh. They weren't big, they looked like small man boobs, but I knew they were going to grow out more by the time I got out of the shower.

    Some of the more 'heavier' changes started to kick in next; my butt had started pushing itself out, I could tell because my butt was burning and I could feel some extra weight behind me. After my butt was done, and I guess my shrinking stature and bone manipulation was done either, my waist cracked really loud! So loud, I actually bent over and braced myself for pain, but there was just a sudden jerk and to my attention, my waist was now the familiar figure of an hourglass and love handles. "Hmph..." I grunted in disappointment when I realized that my hips were a little small, it didn't really show off my figure, you know? Ugh, listen to me, I'm starting to worry like a girl already... Anyways, when I had grunted, I could feel something in my throat; a piece of food? Phlegm? Whatever it was, I needed to clear my throat. I started to do so, but then something pricked it and made me cough. Each cough I made raised my voice higher and higher each time until it reached the perfect pitch. "How do I sound?" Amazing. I like this voice I have!

    The biggest change was when it hit me when it was happening: my manhood. Now, before I tell you, it's not fun having a piece of flesh practically being shoved into you; it hurts! Not only does it have to go inside, but it's also compacting itself so it hurts that much more and it feels weird too... I'm going to go into some detail, so if you know you can't handle it, try not to listen too well... It started off with me feeling it pulling itself inside. After about a couple of second of uncomfortable pressure, it started to compress itself. I looked down and saw that it was reaching under and out of my sight, but I could feel it, that's a given. I could feel my... it was... I could feel it shrinking, to put it that way. Literally, it was the most awkward thing you could feel. Then, I felt my skin pinch where ever my manhood had gone to. So, after that was done with, the rest of the skin was starting to pull and drag itself into the makeshift slit that had formed beneath. And that was pretty much it; the slit formed, the rest of the flesh was inside and then my organs moved around. It felt weird having nothing there. It's like, you know you had something there and you know nothing is there, but when you go to move your legs or feel around there, all you feel is nothing but a patch of skin. I'm not going to lie, but I was actually feeling around there for a little, but when I felt my hand start to slip in, I quickly pulled back; I wasn't ready for stuff like that and never will be!

    Finally, after so long, my boobs were starting to bloat. I tried taking deep breaths to speed it up, but it was going at its own pace. It looks uhh.... I guess the word to use here is interesting? Some word I don't know, like that, it was cool to watch, let's say that. It was like a balloon being blown up, to give you an idea. So, after about a couple of seconds of watching my breasts sprout, my transformation was over, so I could get out of the shower.

    "Gina, I'm finished!" I shouted in my new voice. I stepped down and out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and started to dry my new body, examining each and every detail as I did. I folded the towel onto my body and walked to the living room, where I assumed she was watching TV. "'G'?" I called out, looking for her. "In my room! Come up here so I can take a look at you and I can get you into some of my clothes!" I quickly walked upstairs and opened the door to an environment that only a girl would like. Although I am a girl, I still didn't like it; I'm still me, you know. "Oh, don't you look cute!" She squealed in a voice a dog would love. "Haha... Funny... You said you had some clothes?" She pointed to her closet and I saw a dress already ready for me. It was a yellow dress with pink-ish knee socks and flats. "Nope. Not going to." "Aw, come on!" Gina complained. "You'll look nice!" I shook my head, "The only thing I'll look nice in is my jeans, a Skrillex T-shirt and a hoodie, Gina. I'm not wearing that." Gina thought for a couple of seconds, "At least wear panties, then?" "Fine." I snatched the white pair out of her hands and walked over to my room. Why did I take them? I know my boxers won't fit me anymore; I don't have anything down there to hold them up!

So, that's my story. If you're wondering, I'm still a girl. It's been well over a month and I'm actually enjoying it! I don't think I'll change back any time soon...