Friday, June 15, 2012

The Gender Bender

NOTE: This story is all based and inspired from the SCP-Foundation. The link in which I found/got this from is here ( All credit (including the picture above) goes towards this site and particular picture! The below picture is just one used for the story :). Basically, just read the story so you can understand the story you're about to read :D

    Jess worked at the SCP Foundation. He kind of liked his job, though it was very dangerous working there because of all the specimens they kept locked up. He knew that one of these days that one of the specimens would break out and cause all hell.

     Walking down the white halls of the foundation, Jess was greeted by the companion that everybody loves: The Tickle Monster (SCP-999 for the curious :) ). He petted the giant blob and the blob responded with a sound of a giggle and rubbed against Jess and rolled away. Unlike most specimens, the Tickle Monster was very friendly and never aggressive. Jess continued his walk down the labs where he was needed to transport SCP-113, a fairly dangerous specimen. Although it wasn't living, the information on record showed that this specimen contained the ability to change one's gender completely. With a 25% fail rate and 75% chance of getting lacerations, internal complications etc., Jess made sure that he would double, maybe even triple check, his equipment before touching the thing. He arrived at the lab and was now in a hallway with 6 different doors. "Alright, I'm supposed to be in room..." He checked his clipboard. "...427." He slowly walked by each door, checking the numbers on each one. Room 427 was at the end of the hall. He opened the door and entered a cool, heavily air conditioned atmosphere. He didn't mind the cold; from what a lot of people say, cold air kills bacteria and some germs. Then again he was used to cold air because of how long he worked here. "Mr. Davis! Glad you were able to come!" One of his supervisors, Tom Roland, went up and shook his hand. "Naturally!" Jess smiled. "Please, this way." Tom waved a hand through another door.

    Jess entered the room to be greeted by what looks like a typical police interrogation room with 2 way mirrors and such. This is actually one of the first times he's been in a specimen cell that wasn't living. The security wasn't top notch in his eyes, but he knew there was a lot of secrets to all holding cells. Tom came on the intercom inside the room, "Mr. Davis, in front of you is specimen SCP-113. Otherwise known as the 'Gender Bender'. If I may read to you these precautions... *ahem* SCP-113 or 'Gender Bender' will change the sex of who/what ever it touches, which also includes animals and such. Should SCP-113 come in contact with your skin, it is advised that you try not to panic nor do you try to remove it. Any removal from the skin will cause 3rd degree burns and other complications that will harm you. Let SCP-113 do it's natural thing so that no damage is done. However, there is also a 25% chance that your transformation will fail, if he contacts you. There is also a 75% chance of minor tissue damage wherever it touches you." He heard papers rustling as if they were being put down. "Basically, Jess, you're screwed either way if you're touched."

    SCP-113 looked like a red stone, almost like amber but more red than orange. There was rubber gloves that lead into its cell and a small box to put it in. "Your job, Mr. Davis, is to place SCP-113 into the box to your right so that we may clean the holding cell and also add some adjustments. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes." Tom explained over the intercom. "If anything goes wrong, we'll be forced to lock down that room until whatever happens is over. Understand?" Jess gave an 'okey-dokey' hand symbol to one of the mirrors. "I was behind you, Jess, but that works, too." Tom chuckled. "You may proceed to move SCP-113." Jess went up to the fish tank-like container and slipped the gloves on. 113 was as still as a rock. Jess went over to pick it up, but it wasn't hard like he thought it was, it was like rubber slime. It slipped through his hands and jiggled on the floor of the cell, retaining its shape. "To be honest, Tom, I thought this was a stone like creature..." Jess focused on 113. "Nope, it's just as slimy as sewer waste..." Jess cupped his hands and held 113. It looked alive because it took shape of his hand, as if it was sitting in his hands. Jess quickly but cautiously hovered over the box, but just as he was about to settle it in, 113 jiggled and shot into the glove. "What the hell?!" Jess shouted in shock. There was a cool feeling along his forearm. He pulled one of his hands out and pulled up his lab coat's sleeve. There on his forearm was 113, hugging his arm for warmth and about to change his life.

    "BREACH!" Tom shouted into the intercom. "Breach in room 427! Specimen 113 has broken free of it's cell!" Jess heard the doors lock and the room became a blood red. "We can't risk that thing running among the place, Jess. You're going to have to stay there until... well, you're changed... I'm sorry there's nothing we can do for you but watch." Jess looked down at his arm as 113 soon grew colder. Then a sudden pain shot up his arm and through his body. After that shock, a soothing feeling flowed throughout his body, releasing a sense of relief. Afterwards, his body felt tingly, like his entire body was asleep and was regaining blood flow. After about 20 seconds, 113 jumped from his arm and back into the glove, squirting out back into its cell and sitting there. When 113 jumped off, it left a couple of red marks on his skin, almost like burn marks. "What now?" Jess called, rubbing his arm. "We wait until it's over." Tom responded. "Until what's over?" Jess started to panic, but had to calm down, otherwise he may screw himself over.

    Jess felt this excruciating pain come from his stomach. He knelt down and grabbed his abdomen to try to sooth the pain, but it only got worse. The pain soon shot through his body as if the blood itself were hurting. His entire skin was sore; sunburn sore. His entire body started to hurt and was becoming sore. His skeletal figure was hurting the worst, though. Jess was wincing in pain when he felt his back shift and his pelvis getting wider. He tried taking off his lab coat, but he was hurting too much. By this point, his back was hurting so much, he threw himself on the ground just to distract himself from the pain on his spine. He was arching back on the floor when his stomach painfully forced itself inward. A hot-cold feeling ran along his skin. His hips, forced by his newly grown pelvis, grew out to size to match his bone structure. It was hurting too much. Jess turned over into a fetal position. A burning sensation took hold of his butt when it painfully grew out to proportions. He had 'growing pains' on his legs when he literally felt them get shorter and something else. He was clawing at his head which started itching horribly. He scratched and shook his head, it felt as if there were parasites in his hair. The more he scratched, the longer his hair started to grow and he could see that in one of the mirrors in the corner of the room. Something caught hold of his throat and he began to cough. Not just a regular 'sick' cough, but a cough that would vibrate the room. He was coughing uncontrollably. Every few coughs, his voice rose and after about 15 seconds, his voice was the perfect pitch of a woman's.

    His chest started to hurt afterwards. At first, he though he was having a heart attack, but then found out it was something different when his chest started to bulge. He could see it; 2 lumps of flesh under his lab coat. The pain was brought back again. He moaned in pain as the skin was beginning to stretch, filling with fat and other material to fit the new figure of a woman. Rolling on the floor, he could begin to feel the weight of the new found boobs on his chest. 35 seconds of pain later, his breasts were finished growing and a sigh of relief escaped his mouth. But it wasn't done and Jess knew that, there was still the matter of...

    He grabbed the cloth of his black pants. "Oh God no..." There was no stopping it, Jess knew that, but the fact that this may cause major pain struck him. A wall of pain slammed into his crotch. Really, it felt like he just got kicked in the nuts. In fact, it may have even shot his testicles into his body. He could feel the small balls of flesh run up and place themselves on his pelvis. A bolt of pain shocked either side of his hips as part of his manhood morphed into ovaries. His sack started to envelop his penis, creeping along the piece of flesh that his is own. Not only did it feel weird, but also felt like acid was dissolving his penis. Jess' hand pounded the floor wanting that pain to stop. After the burning stopped, skin started to stretch and pull in his crotch. Muscles grew right below his butt and the muscles began to pull and tug on the remnants of his sack and penis. He was on the verge of passing out. The mass of flesh started to shrink and carve a fleshy cave in the void of his crotch. He felt air, air, inside him. He could feel the new found path of what is beginning to be his uterus. The muscles of his almost finished vagina started to close and seal itself together. He jumped as the muscles cramped to get the void closed and was 'over'. The girl that was Jess panted on the ground. "Finally..." She thought, "... A break."

    She couldn't feel it, but the canal of the uterus had finished without her knowing. She was now an official girl. An amount of joy radiated from her vagina and she giggled as goosebumps arose from her skin. The lights turned back on, but there was still precaution to be taken. "Jess!" Tom called, "Are you alright?" The girl stood up and looked down at the new body before her. "Erm, Tom? I think I may need a new name..." She pulled on her shirt, on her pants and poked one of her breasts. "Yea..." Tom sighed. "We'll let you out so you can rest and have some medics look at you, just to be sure that you're fine." 'Jess' heard the doors unlock and Tom opened the door, gesturing a way out.

    As 'Jess' walked to the medical office, she started thinking of a new name now that she was a girl. "Jessica..." The name echoed in her head and she smiled at the name. She entered the office and was greeted by a nurse by the name of Jade. "Hi, Jess!" She greeted in an overly happy tone. "Erm... I happened to think of a name on the way over here... It's Jessica." She didn't want to intrude or be rude, but hell, why not start getting used to the name? "Alrighty, Jessica!" Nurse Jade nudged her with an elbow. "Right... We're going to need to take x-rays to be sure than everything is in order. This is just for your safety." Nurse Jade went over to grab a gown. "You're going to need to change into this, though." She handed Jessica the gown. "Right..." Jessica hesitantly walked over to the bathroom.

    She entered the bathroom and started to strip down. She felt embarrassed even though nobody was around to watch. It was the fact that she was about to explore parts of her new body that she hasn't experienced herself. She got into the gown and exited the bathroom. "I'm in!" Jessica said sheepishly. "Alrighty! If you step over here to the x-ray, we'll begin. Don't worry, it's not enough to injure you, so you won't need a plate to protect yourself." Nurse Jade pointed to a small bed with a giant piece of equipment hovering over it. She lay down and let the nurse do her job. The machine moved and hummed for about a minute and Nurse Jade called from behind the glass, "And done!" She called. "Wow... that was fast." Jessica got off of the table. Jessica entered the examining room. "Anything wrong?" She sat down on one of the leather chairs. "Hmm..." Nurse Jade was examining the pictures. "Nope! You're 100% healthy. It's as if you've been a girl your entire life! My, you're quite lucky. Most other people that get changed have some sort of organ problem, and it's mostly the sex organs." Jessica was amazed. "Now, you do have an option, Jessica." Nurse Jade began. "What do you mean?" Jessica asked. "Well, your change isn't permanent. You can either stay that way, or you can go back to the room where SCP-113 is and change back by letting it touch you again." It was a thought that Jessica kind of thought about. "I can be a girl for a while... I wouldn't mind that." Then Jessica thought back to when she was turning into a girl. "But the pain I would have to go through just to get back into me again..." "No... I think I'll stay a girl for a while." Nurse Jade shrugged, "Ok. That's you choice! But if you ever want to change back, you just let me or Mr. Roland know." "Ok!" Jessica went back to the bathroom and changed back into her clothes. They were a little loose fitting, but Nurse Jade was able to help by putting a couple of pins on the clothes to keep it on. Jessica went to Tom's office. "So, what happened?" Tom asked. "I'm perfectly fine. Although, you're going to have to meet somebody I met. Her name is Jessica Davis."


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