Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Magic does exist

This may seem closer to a story that was written some time ago (refer to the Valentine's Day story :) ) but really, this is in spite of me personally. I won't go into detail ;). Also, if the story seems to be getting dirty, don't worry about it, you guys should know I don't do anything 'erotic' :D

    Clark was a Sophomore in high school and he didn't have a girlfriend. It's not the fact that it bothered him much, it was the fact that he just wanted somebody to cuddle with, somebody to hug and talk to. But to him, that shot at happy times was nothing but a dream. He did have a friend in particular, however, Sarah. Sarah was one of his closer friends. He was originally going to ask her out, but never did because he was afraid that it would complicate things and also get 'friend-zoned'. So, Clark figured, why not give it a shot of asking Sarah out? It doesn't hurt but try!

     The next day at school, Clark ran into Sarah on the way to 3rd period. "Oh, hey Sarah!" Clark greeted. "Hi!" She responded. "Uhm... I, uh... I had a question to ask you..." Clark felt warmer as his adrenaline started to rush. "What's that?" "I was wondering if you... wanted to do something sometime? Like a date?" At this point, he pretty much just dropped the bomb was already shaking. "Oh... Uh... Well, Clark, it's not that I don't like you, it's just that you're a good friend and I don't want to lose a friend like you to complications from a relationship." "Damn it, I was afraid of that!..." Clark thought. "Ah, I see..." He responded in defeat. "Oh, don't worry, Clark, I know you'll find somebody! I've got to get to class. I'll see you at lunch!" She began her way down the hall. "Bye!" He waved and continued his day in dread.

    He didn't feel the need to cry nor the need to feel needy, he just felt... depressed, struck down. Why did it matter? He knew it wasn't going to work anyways. Oh well, better just get home and forget about it. He arrived home awfully quiet and his parents noticed his weird emotion. "Is there something wrong, Clark?" His mom asked, having a hint of worries in her tone. "No, I'm fine, I'm... I'm just thinking." "Okay, dear, just let me know if you want to talk or anything. You're kind of scaring me, to be honest." Clark made his way to his room and sat down in front of his TV watching cartoons. He felt pathetic, but it was just Sarah that was getting to his mind.

    Later that night, after he turned his computer off to go to bed, he some time to star gaze for a little bit. As he looked up at the night sky he say something move from the corner of his eye, a shooting star. "Hmm..." He thought, watching the sparkle in the sky, "I... I wish I was in a relationship..." And after the wish was made, the sparkle in the sky shot down into Earth as if the universe heard him. He kind of smiled, but at the same time, he never really believed in that kind of mumbo jumbo. He went to bed and a little part of him hoped that wish came true.

    He woke up about 10 minutes earlier than he usually does. "Oh man..." He slowly arose from his bed, feeling a massive headache approaching. "Jeez, I hope this is just one of those hour sickness things..." In the dim morning light, Clark noticed his hands and his arms unusually small. "... Hm?" He grunted and squinted to look in the dark. "Ah, it's probably just the light and my eyes..."  Still getting himself up from the covers of his bed, he felt not only lighter, but more... brisky. His clothes felt a lot looser and when his shirt brushed up against his chest, it felt tingly as if his chest somehow fell asleep and was regaining blood flow. He ignored it and proceeded to the bathroom. Turning the lights on, he stumbled back from how bright his lights were. "Oh God!" He carefully walked into his bathroom, covering his eyes until they got used to it. He looked at himself in the mirror, noticing some odd traits about himself: skinnier/slimmer, less muscle and more feminine, his chest felt and looked a little bloated and he could feel that some parts of him were a little bit bigger, but he ignored it assuming that it was just his groggy state of mind.

    He stripped down to get ready for a shower, but as he did, he found that all of his body hair was gone! None on his legs, on his arms, under his arms and his privates were also naked. "What's going on?" Panic started to settle. He was concerned as to what happened to his body and to his hair. "I think this is my sister's doing..." He mumbled. He and his sister, Lauren, were notorious for playing pranks on each other every now and then before school, so, he thought nothing of it. He turned the water on and threw his clothes aside. He stepped into the water and began washing himself. Rubbing himself with soap, his skin felt so much softer. A feeling of stress was purged from his body. "Oh man, I feel amazing!" He felt new and refreshed when he cleaned himself. 

    He bent down to clean his legs and such when he noticed... well, his piece of flesh. It twitched in his face and he flinched. Then, the entire thing started the retract and pull itself in, making a faint slurping sound in the water. "WHAT THE HELL?!" He dropped his soap and started to flip out. He could feel his skin folding and morphing into something else. His sack was deflated and had got ridden of 'objects'. A flap started to peel itself open and pull in whatever was left of his penis. The downward pull of his skin made him cringe in sheepish emotion, giving himself goosebumps. With everything tucked away in an organic fault, the hole began to seal itself. More skin was pulled into this black hole and clamped shut. He got a hand and felt around this closed void and was very tight as if muscles were clenched so hard! Then, a sudden sense of joy hit him. All of his muscles relaxed to the point of his knees buckling beneath. He cautiously lay himself down in avoidance of hitting something.

    He lay in his bathtub, with the water hitting his skin, with happiness and such flowing through his body with a rush. "I feel like I'm on drugs!" Clark said to himself, allowing the water to his his face. Still laying down, something sticky caught on the back of his neck. He grabbed it and it was his hair, which was now a burnt burgundy color and longer than before. "What?" He still didn't get the message nor did he understand what was going on. He got up and finished washing himself, still in amazement and under the spell of his rush. He turned the water off and stepped on the towel in front of the tub. He grabbed another towel from the rack and covered himself with it. But as he was tying the towel around his waist, he could visibly see his chest had sprouted small breasts. "Ah!" He yelped in a squeaked voice and covered 'his' breasts.

    Now technically a girl, she noticed her voice, "Wow, voice crack..." She said to herself with severe voice cracking in the sentence. "Wow!" She sounded sick with how bad it was. She began to clear his throat. Each 'ahem' was bringing her pitch of voice higher and higher. At one point she 'ahem'ed so hard that she ended up having a coughing fit. At last, her throat was clear. "Hello, helloooo." She tested out her voice. "Whoa!" She was alarmed that the tone of her voice was now in the tone of a woman's. "Did... Am..." She walked to the mirror and found a 17 year old girl staring at her. "No..." She touched the mirror in a typical 'is-that-really-me' type of way. "Oh my God! I'm a girl now!?!" She accidentally dropped her towel to reveal the naked body that was hers to the mirror. "So, what happened in the shower..." She felt the void between her legs, "... And what happened right now..." She looked at her breasts which had grown a little since she had last seem them. "Wow..." She was shocked! What would you do if you had just turned into a girl?

    If she was a girl, then that means that none of her clothes would fit her. Luckily, she always leaves last in the family so her parents and her sister were gone for the day. Quickly, she ran to her sister's room to grab some clothes. She grabbed a blue skirt, some knee socks, a bra, some panties and a dress-wear tank top. She had trouble with the bra, but she eventually got all of the clothes on. She grabbed one her sister's hand bags that she used to take to school, stuffed it with some of her papers and sprinted to school.

    To her surprise, she was early. She usually got out of bed, took a shower and all that and arrived around 5 minutes until the bell rang, she was 10 minutes from the bell. "Hmph..." She scoffed softly to herself. "Hey!" She heard a voice from behind, it was Sarah. "Wha...?" She turned around to find Sarah jogging up to her. "I haven't seen you around, are you new here?" "Erm... Yes." She answered shyly. "Don't be shy! Here, I'll be your guide and your first friend here! I'm Sarah, what's your name?" The girl that was originally Clark started to stutter, "I'm... I-I *cough*" She tried faking a coughing fit and it stalled for enough time. However, that stalled time wasn't for 'Clark'... "Uh... I think you have something on your face..." Sarah began to gesture. "Where?" She looked up and Sarah looked into her eyes, "Clark??" "Great, she found out already..." "What happened?!" "I don't know! I just wished on this star that I could be in a relationship and coo coo cachoo, I'm a girl!" Sarah began to click her tongue, "Should've specified..." She shrugged, "Oh well..." Sarah's eyes lit up, "I know a guy who'd be perfect for you! He's exactly like you; can't find a girlfriend, Sophomore... C'mon, I'll show you!" 'Clark' stood in the same spot, "Sarah, you know I'm still me..." "I know, but you're a girl now! It wouldn't be weird!" Sarah grabbed her hand, but she snapped it away, "It'd be weird for me, though. I still have the mindset of a guy." "C'mon! You still have 8 minutes before school, at least talk to him for a little bit!" Sarah was practically hanging off of 'Clark's' strength. "Fine..." She bolted off with 'Clark' in hand.

    They arrived to a couple of tables outside not too far from the front door. Sitting there was a guy that looked just like him, even playing a little bit of Pokemon like he used to do. "Go on!" Sarah gave her a little push. What was odd to 'Clark' was how each step she was a little more attracted to him. By the time she got to the table, she was practically in those 'oh my God, I want to be in your arms all the time' places. "Hi!" She called. The boy looked up, "Hello!" "What's your name?" "Ethan. What about you?" 'Clark' had a name in mind when she was walking, it was the new mindset that had taken over when she saw Ethan. "Chelsie." "Chelsie... I like that name." Chelsie blushed and they got closer to each other, talking until school started. Sarah was watching the magic unfold and she teared up a little. Sarah and Chelsie were still friends along with Ethan being Chelsie's boyfriend. Chelsie got what she finally dreamed of for the longest time, but somewhere in the back of her mind, Clark was still there and was finally happy.

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  1. wow oh yes i too do belive in tg magic that boys can turn into girl's with this tg magic and i keep searching for it

    maybe a wishing star would do this

    i want to change into suzy ann a cute pretty little girly with long flowing soft blonde hair blue green eyes

    what is the problem becoming a girl would be wonderful for so very many of us who are meant to be female

    i wish i were a girl!