Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dexter's Accident

    Dexter usually kept to himself in his laboratory. That is, until his sister, Dee Dee, comes into play. Dexter hates when Dee Dee comes into his lab. Every time she comes in, she usually messes something up, regardless if Dexter was working on it or not. Not only so, but she always oh-so curious as to what Dexter was up to. But sometimes, it was more than just seeing what Dexter was doing.

    Dexter was in his lab, as usual, working on some invention that would revolutionize his own little world. But, this was out of the ordinary, Dexter didn't seem like working on any of his towering robots, his machines or upgrading his personal assistant, his computer. No, Dexter decided to do something with chemistry. Sure, he's made a few concoctions here and there, but those were necessary, they weren't for personal use. He was making some kind of drink that would enhance one's appearance; mainly to make himself taller and better looking. "Hmm..." Dexter was lost in his mind about what he should be adding to this 'potion' to make it any better. "I think this may need some sort of flavoring. After all, I don't want to be drinking..." He looked over to his left and saw the ingredients he used; fish oil, crushed rose petals, fragrant grass. Pretty nasty tasting stuff. "... Ugh... I shall acquire some soda!" Dexter walked off out of his lab and downstairs. But Dexter forgot to close his door to the lab. Dee Dee waltzed into his room and into his lab.

    Dee Dee was always fascinated with Dexter's lab, no matter how many times she had been in there. And she wasn't exactly up to par with safety, either. She had walked in his lab with a Pony Puff Princess energy drink. Wondering his lab and examining the different machines and gadgets that Dexter's lab had to offer, she found his little chemistry station where he was working on his drink. "Ooohh..." She put her drink on a hot plate next to Dexter's beaker and was awestruck with the different vials and tubing that chemistry had to offer. "Wooooowww..." Then, the familiar voice struck her ears, "Dee Dee, what the heck are you doing in my labor-a-tory?!" Dexter angrily walked over to his sister and put his soda next to his beaker. "How many times have I told you to stay out of my labor-a-tory, stewpid girl!?" "Oh, calm down, Dexter, I was just looking at your toy here." She pointed to Dexter's chemistry station. "Dee Dee, that is not a toy, this is extremely dangerous stuff and you could get hurt without proper gear." As Dexter was explaining to Dee Dee, the energy drink that was on the hot plate practically exploded. Most of the liquid from the drink landed in Dexter's beaker. "STEWPID GIRL! You see what you have done?! You've ruined most of my machinery! GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!" Dexter pushed his sister out of his lab and shut the door.

    "Oh, look at this mess!" Dexter pouted. "Computer; please get the janitor-bot on this, please?" "Of course, Dexter." His computer politely answered. A whirring came from down the lab and a robot with a rag and comb mustache was on the job immediately. "Careful of the equipment, janitor-bot." The robot beeped understandably. Dexter grabbed the soda and carefully poured it into the beaker that held the potion. "There we are!" Dexter held up the beaker in success. "Now, all we have to do is drink it and we'll be on our way to a better school life!" Dexter gulped the potion down in a matter of seconds. He placed the beaker on the table and sighed in satisfaction. "Hmm..." He smacked his lips, trying to take in another taste that he didn't seem to recognize. "Why is there a faint taste of cherry?" He went back to his soda and saw that it was just regular soda. He looked over at the ingredients he used and noticed the rose. "Could it have been the rose?" He shook his head and went back to work in his lab, waiting for the effects to take its course.

     Dexter felt sore after walking away from his station. "Good, it seems to be working!" He stood in front of his giant robot and looked into the leg for a reflection. Yea, it was working alright, he was a foot taller. "Excellent!" But Dexter's triumph was killed when his legs snapped back to his original height. He fell down. Dazed, he stood up and looked into the robot again. Not only was his head still hurting, but he thought he saw himself with blonde hair. "Ouch... That fall was quite a doozy!" He walked casually to a first aid bot and got an ice pack for the back of his head. He placed the pack on the spot where it was most sore and continued walking to his massive super computer. After a couple of steps, he felt the soreness spread all over his scalp. "What the heck is going on?" He started to jog back to the robot. At first, he assumed he was bleeding. But the truth was revealed when he saw his reflection: his hair was down to his neck. "Oh no!" He ran back to his chemistry station to check for any sort of solution. "Computer, analysis!" He shouted as he sprinted for his station. "Scanning... Scanning complete. Dexter, it appears that you are changing into a female from my analysis." Dexter arrived at his station, "Impossible! How is that?!" Frantic, Dexter was practically sweeping his entire station clean, looking for answers. He noticed that the gloves on his hands were gone. He looked back to find them on the floor a few feet back from him. He looked down at his hands and found them rapidly shrinking. His lab coat started to press against his skin. "ARGH! What can it be?!" He noticed the charred remnants of a bottle on the floor. He picked it up and mouthed what he could read on the bottle. His eyes grew wide with anger. "DEE DEE!!!!!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. He ran out of his lab and across the hall to his sister's room and began to pound on the door.

     "OPEN THE DOOR, GIRL!" Dexter noticed his black shoes were no longer rubber, and could feel socks on his feet. She opened the door in a polite, almost mocking way. "Yes, Dexter?" She had her eyes clothes and responded to him in a way stereotypical butlers would. "Dee Dee, you stewpid girl, look what you and your stewpid energy drink have done to me!" He pointed to himself and found that his entire bottom torso was changed completely: red flats with pinkish socks. His lab coat started to feel different when the sleeves started to climb his arms. "I don't know what you're talking about, Dexter." Dexter held up her energy drink. "Does this remind you of anything?" She picked the bottle out of his hand and slapped her face. "Oh no! You weren't supposed to drink that, Dexter!" He was a little confused as to why. "Why?" His sleeves stopped short below his shoulder and the bottom half of the lab coat fluttered down into a skirt. "Only girls are allowed to drink this! Have you no knowledge?" Dee Dee explained. Dexter himself was lost completely on a new world. "I-I-I don't understand, why...?" "PONY PUFF PRINCESS!" Dee Dee shouted some sense into him. "PRINCESS! Do you get it now?!" For some odd reason, Dee Dee was kind of panicking that her brother was turning into a girl. Dexter's lab coat's buttons fell off when the entire piece of clothing mashed together and turned red, becoming what is a girls dress. Feeling a tug in his hair, Dee Dee witnessed a red bow appear on the top of his head. "What am I going to do!?" Dexter shouted, hearing his voice climb with each syllable. Finally, Dexter's face morphed with feminine features and his change was finished..

    Dee Dee was shocked, but at the same time, excited. "NOOO!" The girl that is Dexter screamed. "It won't be that bad, Dexter." Dee Dee knelt beside her, trying not to explode with joy. "Come, I'll show you what it means to be a girl!" Dee Dee gestured a hand into her room. Dexter succumbed to her and walked into room, with a glum look on her face. When Dee Dee entered the room, she finally let her emotion go and started to shout with glee that her little brother is her little sister. From there on, Dexter was known as Diana and learned everything she needed to know from Dee Dee about how to be a girl. Of course, his knowledge never left him, Diana still goes into her lab and is still trying to find an antidote for the gender changing potion that Dee Dee created.

Sorry the story seems a little rushed near the end, but in reality, it's kind of supposed to be a... a kid's type of story. After all, it's Dexter's Laboratory, I don't want it to turn graphic! :P

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  1. kind of like the part's where dexter is chaning becoming female and is in a real panic but than the transformation completes itserlf and he become's a little girl in a red dress oh how i wish this will happen to me i've alway's wanted to turn into a little girl and begin a whole new life as female!