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Wade in the Waters

Disclaimer: Okay, guys, since this is my first 'graphic' story, I'm going to have to do things a little different.
The following story is not meant for... virgin eyes, I guess you could say. So, if you feel that you may not be able to handle such language or whatever, then please, be aware. If you feel that you may be offended (no racial slurs, I'm talking 'nasty' words), can't handle bad language or just don't want to read because of it, then don't continue to read the story. Mind you, I will not hold back, this means that if there's a certain part of the transformation or a word that I wouldn't use before, then I will use it. But likewise, I'll also try to hold back from using it too often and such. After all, I still keep an innocent mind :)
Thanks! (last reminder, the 'graphic' part of the story will be 'highlighted' with this: ~. So if you want to read the story, but skip the 'graphic' part, then just look for that :) )

Thanks to LanFang ( on deviantART for allowing me to use the picture and for the inspiration for this story!
For a bigger and better view of this picture, take a look! ( It's very big and has a very good resolution so you can look at the detail put into this!
Thanks again!

    Kevin lived pretty much a normal life. Nothing was too bad nor was it too good. It was just an average day for him everyday and he liked it that way. Of course, if something good or bad would happen, then there would be a slight change in his routine, then, back to normal as if nothing happened.

    It was Friday and Kevin was driving home from work, listening to music with a smile on his face. Not that his job was bad, he just liked Fridays because he could sleep in and work on other things aside from what he should bring for lunch. Approaching his house, he noticed a mail truck pulling up to his driveway. "Perfect timing!" He said, pulling over behind the truck. He turned off his car and walked up to it as the mail lady exited the truck. "Excuse me!" Kevin announced his presence. She turned around and smiled, "Hi there! I'm going to assume you live here?" Kevin noticed a package in her hands, "Yes, ma'am! And I'm going to assume that that package is for me?" He pointed to the small brown box in her hands. She looked down and chuckled, "Yes! I just need you to sign this." She handed Kevin an electric pad for him to sign. He signed it and received the package. "Thank you! Have a nice day!" He called. "You, too!" The lady responded and she drove off.

    He got back into his car to park the car and proceeded inside his house to examine the package. He placed it on the counter and attempted to find a return address or maybe even an address in general, but he couldn't find any. He was afraid of opening at first considering the package was a strange one from an unknown person; it could have been a bomb or poison. Kevin got a knife and carefully sliced the tape on the side of the box. Still being cautious, he slowly opened the flap on the right and pulled out a styrofoam piece with cellophane on top. He looked at it and found a bottle of something. It was a bath goodie, some sort of shampoo or bath soother. He opened the cellophane and took the bottle out. It was no bigger than a shot glass. He turned the bottle trying to find a label of a company or the name of the product, attempting to find out what it was exactly. Then he noticed a camouflaged paper in the styrofoam. He picked it up and opened it. It read:

    Soothingly Bath Oil!
    Congratulations! You and 12 other people have been chosen to test our new product! This bath oil will sooth your pores, relinquish any stress and calm your soul! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply ready a bath, get inside and pour our product into the water. You'll begin to feel new in seconds!
We hope you'll enjoy our product!

    It was very strange to get a letter from a person or a company that wasn't even stated on the paper, but he was willing to try it out for himself to see if it was worth the time. If it wasn't, then at least he'll be clean.

    Kevin went upstairs to his bathroom and began to run a bath. He stripped down and placed the small bottle of oil on the tub. He stepped into the warm, but soothing water and lay down in relaxation. After a few moments of calm, he grabbed the bottle, opened it and poured it around the water, making sure the oil didn't seep down to his skin. To his surprise, the yellow-colored oil turned purple as it hit the water. He didn't mind it, it was probably the heat that changed to viscous liquid. Feeling the oil almost immediately, he went into a deeper conscience  of relaxation. Closing his eyes, he could feel a tiredness flow over him as he almost fell asleep, but of course, he remembered that he was in water and in fear of drowning in his own bathtub. However, when he opened his eyes, the water was entirely purple! No, not type of purple to where you can see through the water, it was a solid purple. "What the...?" Kevin got a little panicked. He then noticed some steam coming from the water. "Did the water get hotter from that?" Kevin couldn't really tell because he'd been in the water itself. A weird feeling came over his body, like something was about to happen. He couldn't see through the water and that kind of scared him. A piece of hair brushed in front of his eyes. Naturally, he had relatively long hair, but this was longer than what he had. Not only that, but it was red!

    "What the hell!?" Kevin got out of the bathtub and stood up. He looked down and noticed that every body hair that existed on him, was gone. He could see that his skin was peeling off as if he had sunburn. Any patches of peeled skin revealed a paler, softer skin underneath. It was as if he were wearing a body suit his entire life. While that was going on, he could feel his limbs begin to shrink and shape themselves. Kevin was so confused, he didn't know what was going on and he couldn't stop it. All the while as his hair continued to grow red. He got out of the bathtub and stood in the mirror to watch in horror. His chest was red like he had a rash. The skin broke around his right bosom as skin started to push out of the dead remnants of his skin. His nipple perked as it continued to push. The other bosom was still red, but skin still peeling off. Still looking in the mirror, he could see that the entire right side of his body was changing. "Changing..." Kevin thought, "Changing into..." His eyes lit up. He realized that he was turning into a girl.

    His bones were beginning to grow sore, Kevin could feel them underneath his skin as they began to shrink down into proportions for his new body. He arched slightly in pain as his spine took him down a couple of inches. His legs were slimming themselves into a shapely pair. His fingers grew slightly longer and his nails grew to add to the effect. He looked like a monster. The right side of his body was female while the other half was still muscular and manly. But a few spots on his body showed feminine pieces, like his collar bone was visible to him now. His shoulders toned down and his face was beginning to change. He could feel his eye have a muscle spasm. And to his attention, his right eye was now blue instead of brown. Then something on his crotch started to bug him, and that was the worst part of his change.


    Kevin felt a slit underneath his scrotum. The slit was cutting itself open around his scrotum. The left testicle shot up into him, making him flinch, and the rest of the skin on that side followed. Now, completely visible, Kevin could see the slit about as big as a finger with a testicle hanging out of it. It was gross; you could see inside of his crotch, all the skin and some of his organs. With his testicle hanging out of it still, he could see and feel his penis began to bend over and point itself into the open hole. "Oh my God..." He cringed in pain as the skin on his penis was starting to stretch. It was stretching so much, that at the top of the penis, the skin started to break and rip like paper. Then, Kevin could see that the skin on his penis was scrumping up. He took a closer look and saw the 'innards' of his penis pull itself out of the skin. My, was it painful to feel his entire penis come out of his crotch and into the hole. He could feel the penis move up inside him and stopping right below his stomach. It started to stretch down into a canal for what is going to be a vagina. His other testicle finally shot up into him and moved into place with the other one, forming another ovary. The skin from his penis started to pull itself into the hole and turn into a 'wall' for the canal. The top of the skin pinched itself all along the slit and stopping a little ways below his butt. The hole closed up and pinched itself once more to finalize the shape of his now new vagina.


    Kevin now noticed that the skin of his 'old body' was on the floor around him in a mess. Some patches were still on his body, but the majority of it was now pale, soft skin of his new self. His hair was practically finished, it was still growing the front of his hair for bangs. His other half of his body seemed to catch up with his right because his hand was slimmer and his other bosom was already pushing out with a perky nipple. Kevin started to cough. Each cough he made brought his voice higher in pitch to the point of a soft voice that a teenager would have. The last seconds of his transformation was taking place as the patches of skin fell off of him and small detail changes were taking place, like his nose shrinking. At long last, the painful moments of his transformation was done and Kevin was officially a girl.

    Kelsy was a little surprised. The bottle of oil she received in the mail was probably a gender potion. But, in her mind, she didn't necessarily care. "Hmm..." She held the bottle up to her eyes, examining the thing. "Why would somebody send me something that would turn me into a girl?" She put the bottle down and shrugged. "Oh well, it was probably just a prank..." She turned to the mirror and began to examine her new body. It was awfully strange, being a girl. Some of the feelings were alien to her. For example, she didn't have a penis and she had breasts. Was that normal for her? Not really, but she didn't mind it. She was girl now and she'd have to realize that, but that realization came quite quickly when she smiled and walked out of the bathroom to get clothes. She was going to like this new life of hers.

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  1. wow what an interesting fascinating story!

    i love this whole concept of transfoming from male to female and changing into a girl

    but i wonder if their would really be all this pain you are decribing

    or weather it would simple be a natural transformation boys who have alway's really wanted to be girls would just transform and become the girl's they are meant to be

    now my other question is how where and when i can persuade you to send me this bath oil for you see i too do desire to become female i want to have my inside change grow breast and to just finally lose this penis of which i have never really wanted to begin with yes i want to become a girly

    i also love your cartoon picture of the boy becoming a girl oh one other thing i want long flowing soft blonde hair and blue green eyes i want to be all soft and round and feminine i wish to be a girl!