Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Magic Soap

    Man, I can't believe I lost the bet! And by a couple of points, too! Ugh, I'm getting to ahead of myself; let me start over. My name is Alex and me and my sister, Gina, had this bet on a game called 'Scramble with Friends'. I'm not sure if you know it, but it's like finding so many words in 2 minutes. Anyways, the bet was that if I win against her, she would have to turn herself into a boy for a month, if I lost, I'd have to turn myself into a girl for a month. And what happens? I lost the game by 7 points. SEVEN POINTS!! I had that game in the bag! God... A bet's a bet, my sister is actually out right now, buying something that'll change me.

    And apparently the 'changing' material is... Soap! Soap? Why soap? Why can't it be like a magical potion that tastes like sunshine dust? I mean, the name is 'Magic Soap', literally. That's pretty stupid, really it is. Might as well get into the shower and do it before my sister beats me up for not following a bet through. I opened the bar of soap and, it doesn't smell too bad! It actually smells like the uhm.... The antibacterial hand soap, you know? It's orange and smells... Ah, forget it, it just smells good! Anyways, so I get into the shower and start washing myself down with the soap. Nothing is really happening. Then, after about a minute of lathering my body, I felt this tingling all over my body. Like there was some sort of electricity flowing through. I had to keep washing, I don't think a small layer of soap isn't going to do me good. So, I'm washing and washing and then my skin feels really good! Not good as in rejuvenated, good as in soft! It was like this soap was made of baby oil! Anyways, back to what I was saying, my body started to go through some changes now that I've gotten enough soap into the pores. As a matter of fact, my hair started to grow. Might I say, when your hair grows quickly like that, it kind of hurts. I don't think your body is supposed to do that, which is why it did. But, my hair, it was long! Not only that, but the color of my black hair melted off and was now blonde. I liked it; it was blonde, but there was a pink hue to it when it was in shade, pretty cool! Then I noticed all of the body hair was thinning, disappearing, almost shrinking into my skin. Not only did I have the smooth skin of a girl, but now, I didn't have any body hair to prove it! Which is good, I suppose...

    I started to shrink next. I felt sore when I was shrinking, the muscles and bones were cramping like I had done nothing but straight aerobics and stretching and stuff. It was actually starting to hurt after a while, really bad actually. While I was shrinking down to size, my legs and my arms were shrinking along with it. Not only to fit the proportions of my body, but almost slendering to give myself the small, detailed curves that a girl had, you know? My legs got extra attention, they were so shapely by the time I finished shrinking, actually kind of sexy! But no, I shouldn't be talking about myself like that, that's just wrong... It's one thing to bask in the way you look, but actually getting turned on by the way you look? Nope, that's just disgusting. Anyways, My hands and feet had shrunk by this time so they didn't look out of the ordinary, might I say, I did have some cute hands and feet! Then I started to freak out when I saw my chest grow these 2 mounds of flesh. They weren't big, they looked like small man boobs, but I knew they were going to grow out more by the time I got out of the shower.

    Some of the more 'heavier' changes started to kick in next; my butt had started pushing itself out, I could tell because my butt was burning and I could feel some extra weight behind me. After my butt was done, and I guess my shrinking stature and bone manipulation was done either, my waist cracked really loud! So loud, I actually bent over and braced myself for pain, but there was just a sudden jerk and to my attention, my waist was now the familiar figure of an hourglass and love handles. "Hmph..." I grunted in disappointment when I realized that my hips were a little small, it didn't really show off my figure, you know? Ugh, listen to me, I'm starting to worry like a girl already... Anyways, when I had grunted, I could feel something in my throat; a piece of food? Phlegm? Whatever it was, I needed to clear my throat. I started to do so, but then something pricked it and made me cough. Each cough I made raised my voice higher and higher each time until it reached the perfect pitch. "How do I sound?" Amazing. I like this voice I have!

    The biggest change was when it hit me when it was happening: my manhood. Now, before I tell you, it's not fun having a piece of flesh practically being shoved into you; it hurts! Not only does it have to go inside, but it's also compacting itself so it hurts that much more and it feels weird too... I'm going to go into some detail, so if you know you can't handle it, try not to listen too well... It started off with me feeling it pulling itself inside. After about a couple of second of uncomfortable pressure, it started to compress itself. I looked down and saw that it was reaching under and out of my sight, but I could feel it, that's a given. I could feel my... it was... I could feel it shrinking, to put it that way. Literally, it was the most awkward thing you could feel. Then, I felt my skin pinch where ever my manhood had gone to. So, after that was done with, the rest of the skin was starting to pull and drag itself into the makeshift slit that had formed beneath. And that was pretty much it; the slit formed, the rest of the flesh was inside and then my organs moved around. It felt weird having nothing there. It's like, you know you had something there and you know nothing is there, but when you go to move your legs or feel around there, all you feel is nothing but a patch of skin. I'm not going to lie, but I was actually feeling around there for a little, but when I felt my hand start to slip in, I quickly pulled back; I wasn't ready for stuff like that and never will be!

    Finally, after so long, my boobs were starting to bloat. I tried taking deep breaths to speed it up, but it was going at its own pace. It looks uhh.... I guess the word to use here is interesting? Some word I don't know, like that, it was cool to watch, let's say that. It was like a balloon being blown up, to give you an idea. So, after about a couple of seconds of watching my breasts sprout, my transformation was over, so I could get out of the shower.

    "Gina, I'm finished!" I shouted in my new voice. I stepped down and out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and started to dry my new body, examining each and every detail as I did. I folded the towel onto my body and walked to the living room, where I assumed she was watching TV. "'G'?" I called out, looking for her. "In my room! Come up here so I can take a look at you and I can get you into some of my clothes!" I quickly walked upstairs and opened the door to an environment that only a girl would like. Although I am a girl, I still didn't like it; I'm still me, you know. "Oh, don't you look cute!" She squealed in a voice a dog would love. "Haha... Funny... You said you had some clothes?" She pointed to her closet and I saw a dress already ready for me. It was a yellow dress with pink-ish knee socks and flats. "Nope. Not going to." "Aw, come on!" Gina complained. "You'll look nice!" I shook my head, "The only thing I'll look nice in is my jeans, a Skrillex T-shirt and a hoodie, Gina. I'm not wearing that." Gina thought for a couple of seconds, "At least wear panties, then?" "Fine." I snatched the white pair out of her hands and walked over to my room. Why did I take them? I know my boxers won't fit me anymore; I don't have anything down there to hold them up!

So, that's my story. If you're wondering, I'm still a girl. It's been well over a month and I'm actually enjoying it! I don't think I'll change back any time soon...

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  1. i really do like the way you go into some detail about finally being rid of your penis

    which i myself have never really wanted at all

    i was meant to be female a girl with a slit between my leg's a pussy vagina

    oh how i want one of these no more bulge when you just do not want it at all

    just smoothnesss soft skin flap and the very thought of breast finally forming on my chest oh yes i want breast

    i want to become a girl and than stay that way permanetly

    and yes i would go and get into dresses skirts slips panties

    but only after one other thing and this would be only after examining my new naked girly body completly and even playing with my new breast and pussy making my girly self climax as a girl oh my i'm getting very excited even thinking about this!

    i wish i could just turn into a girl right now!