Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Look of Love

Zachary had a problem. He looked alot like a girl, he didn't like that. Everyday, he would arrive at school just to be harrassed by everybody there. Children would point and laugh, making jokes behind his back as he walked down the halls. Teachers would crack ocasional jokes about him. Even some of his friends would join in! Sometimes the teachers would even mistake him as a new female student. He never liked the routine since last year.

After his average day at school, he thought about it for a long, hard time. "Why?" He asked, "Why do I look like this? Was I supposed to be a girl?" Thoughts that buzzed through his mind like angry wasps. The sky was painted a dark orange as the sun began to set. He arrived at his house only to be greeted by his loving parents. "Mom, Dad?" He sat down on the couch. "Yes, dear?" His mom answered back. "Do you think I look... feminine?" His dad looked at him strange. "What are you talking about?" "I mean, look at me." He gestured at his body. "I look like a girl!" His dad focused hard. "Nooope... I can't see it." "Mom?" His mom looked at him. "I don't see it either." "Look at this though! Slender arms, delicate hands, gentle face!?" His parents looked at him weird. "AHH! I can't deal with this right now! Can I take a walk near the lake?" His mom nodded and returned to the kitchen where she would prepare dinner. He left the house with no further words. "I honestly hate to lie to him, honey." His mom spoke from behind the counter. "Well, it's best not to hurt his feelings. It's bad enough that he's bullied at school." "Mmm..." His mom hummed in agreement.

Zach was walking near one of the famous lakes known for its legend. People have said that a young girl had died here, murdered by her parents because they never wanted a daughter. No one cared for her death, they left her body without caring. However, it's also said that the spirit may come to haunt those who slander her. But she may also grant a wish for those who respect her death, feeling the pain and sorrow. Sadly, the people today don't even care about her; they just tell the said legend to other people just for the kicks and giggles. "No respect..." Zach said to himself and to the said spirit as well. "Not only do I get harrassed, every single day , the poor girl herself has no pity. People just say 'Oh, well that was just a stupid little girl' or something silly..." Zach was kicking a rock near the water's edge when suddenly he lost his balance and fell into the lake.

"Ugh!" He moaned in anger and annoyance. "As if today wasn't bad already..." He looked down at himself, drenched in water. He stood up with the water knee deep. "Not that deep, but still I'm wet!" He flicked the water off. Soon after, he noticed the moon in the water. He looked up at the night sky, "Wow, night already?" He shrugged and was about to go back to shore when he noticed his reflection in the water. "What the...?" His hair was longer, down to his shoulders. He noticed that his hair was beginning to turn red. "How..." He was about to touch it when he noticed his hand and his arm. "What?" It appeared to be more shaply, more... delicate than before. As well as his arm, his hand looked like it had gotten a... manicure? "I'm confused!" He cried, "I don't know what's going on!" That's when a tightness began at the bottom of of his legs.

"What?..." He tried to see past the clear water, but only saw the moon in the night sky. Soon enough, he could see that the tighness was his jeans. "Wow, who knew water would be bad for pants..." He thought, but was soon interrupted by the cloth that soon crept up his legs. Slowly but surely, his pants were steadily rising up, tightening their grip. As he watched his pants climb up, he took noticed of his shirt. His shirt was beginning to merge at the waist line of his pants. Melting, fusing together to make one, the tightness that was on his legs were now building on his shirt. "Ahh..." He whispered in pain, feeling the tiny threads of both his pants and his shirt, turn into what appeared to the material made for bathing suits. "This... This hurts..." He uttered out, hearing a faint climb in his voice. He couldn't determine wether it was fear or it was in his head. After about 3 minutes of pain, he could see that his pants were gone now and there, was his legs. "Oh my..." He said. His legs were smooth and soft. "They... these... what?" He had so many questions, but those were soon gone as pain re-entered his mind.

His shoulders felt extremely sore, as if he had weight lifted a full 3 hours without stopping. He looked back down at his changing clothing, which was now the basic outline of a 1 piece bathing suit, and took notice of it quickly. "How is this even possible?!" He questioned, hearing his voice climb higher. He looked at his shoulders, finding the sleeves creep up his arms. He could see the outline of his shoulders in the tight cloth of his bathing suit. Slowly, they rounded off as a gentle edge ran across his skin. The shifting brought Zachary a feeling of relief, relaxation as it happened. He closed his eyes and took in the moment. Sadly, however, his emotion was taken away from him as the pain came back and hit him like a baseball bat hitting a baseball. He heard cracking and snapping. Loud cracking and snapping. "OH!" He moaned in pain. He could feel his spine re-arrange itself. His bones snapped themselves in a position that was only female. Then, his collar bone snapped and dipped downward, revealing to himself a feminine chest plate.

As his sleeves reached the top of his shoulders, which snapped and replaced it with nice straps, he could see the rest of the damage that had been done. His arms were more slender, more gentler as well. "Why?" He cried, still feeling the pain in his shoulders. His bathin suit soon felt tighter as he could feel his butt push outwards. Suddenly, he felt a sudden jerk in his hips, a pull in his groin. "Ow!" He exclaimed, feeling the small amount of pain that exited his crotch. He looked down, only to find a bulge that stuck out of the bathing suit. Soon enough, it began to retread inside his body. His eyes opened with amazment, astonishment; what could he do? "My... my..." He uttered out, feeling his penis seep into his body. "NO!" He shouted, hearing his voice well out of male range. He attempted to grab the shrinking bulge, but no completion was established to do so. Instead, he just sat there and watched it dissapear, tearing a bit at the same time.
Technically a girl, Zachary could feel butterflies in his stomach. Muscles were churning and intestines shifting. He could feel a tight pinch in his groin. "Eep!" He squeaked, feeling the small pain. He cupped his hands over his groin and he could feel the pinch getting tighter. "Oh my gosh!" He cried, the pain was getting worse. Then, all of a sudden, the pinch released itself, ripping the skin down below in half and clamping itself together as a vagina had now taken over.
Just as he thought it was all over, he could see beneath his bathing suit that his chest was expanding. "What the...?" He questioned, placing a hand over a bosom. He could feel it inflate, like a balloon being blown up. Soon enough, he began to hyperventalate. He panted harder than he did when he ran a full mile. "This... is.... OH!" He couldn't finish his sentance, the pain was too much for him. As he was about to scream, a huge sigh of relief flushed over him. He sighed, finally relieved of the pain.

Zoey stood there; in the water, in a bathing suit and... a girl. She looked down again to examine herself. "Why..." She questioned in a shy, innocent voice. "Why did this happen?" She ran a hand along the side of her body, admiring the shapliness and gentle skin that was now hers. Still examining herself, she heard a faint voice in the wind that blew, "You're welcome..." She quickly covered herself up, attempting to save some embarresment. "No one..." She thought. She looked over the lake and smiled.
The next day, when she went to school; she got so much attention, so much respect than when she was Zachary. She smiled and thought inside, "I could get used to this..." Zoey turned the corner to her 1st period classroom, "Hi, I'm Zoey. I'm supposed to be in here?"

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  1. i too do belive in tg magic and i want it to change me into a litle girly oh my yes please! i wish i were a girl too! just like zoey is now!