Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Magic 8-ball

Something I came up with and decided to write. Personally, I don't really like the plot that I've set, but that's up to you to decide :D.

Jimmy always tried to ask people questions and expect them to give him an answer. He would even sometimes go up to random people and ask them questions! One day, he was finally fed up and decided to buy an 8-Ball.

He was walking to his local neighborhood store, asking them if they had an 8-Ball for sale. They told him they never sold such "witchcraft" and that it's blasphamy to even use such things. He couldn't find any store that sold them. They all told him the same thing. He sat on the curb, depressed. Then, a mirror shone in his eyes. He looked over to find an odd new store. "Strange..." He said to himself, looking at the store and rubbing his chin. He got up from the curb and began to walk to the store. After a short walk, he opened the door to a blast of herbs and spices, also complimented with a warm atmosphere. He walked around, noticing exotic plants, lions made of bronze, and many books on the shells that claimed to have "magic" powers. He came up to the front desk and rung the bell which sounded like a giant gong. "Wow... That bell is pretty loud for being that small." He said to himself as he saw an elder lady walk through the beady curtains. "Ahh... How can I help you today, young sir?" She said in a cackly, old voice. "Yes, I've been going all around town trying to find an 8-Ball but nobody sells it." She pondered, having a hard look on her face. "I understand, people think 8-Balls are bad for the soul, as if you talk to the devil yourself. I might have one in stock for you, let me go check." She left him without saying another word, going through the beady curtains. Jimmy heard ruffiling and bashing in the back room. He was worried that the old woman might get hurt. Just when he was about to go help her, he heard a loud crash, "Ahh-ha!" She came back out, covered in dust and some debris. "I bring you, the last 8-Ball I have in stock." She handed him the ball, it was as shiney as a new bowling ball and as smooth as the surface of a granite counter top. "Free of charge!" She said, gesturing a hand above the ball. "Thank you very much!" Jimmy waved good-bye and walked out the store.

Jimmy returned home with the ball in hand. He arrived at his house no later than 2 minutes. He walked upstairs. He stopped half way up and began to think, "Why am I so happy to have this?" He looked down at the ball and made a face. "Well, I feel kind of stupid now..." Now somewhat depressed, he sat down on the side of his bed, staring sadly at the ball. He sighed in disgust and shook his head, "O, magic 8-Ball, will I have a better day tomorrow?" He shook it vigorously as if angry at the thing and turned it over. The dark blue liquid swirled inside and then the die came up giving an answer, "No day would be better than tomorrow." Confused, he took that as a no and placed the ball on his nightstand. He took his shoes and socks off and covered himself and went to sleep.

The next day, he woke up to a crisp, sunny day. It was a Friday and glad it was, school has been a pain this week and he was glad it's going to be over in about 8 hours. He got up and got his clothes, preparing to take a shower. He turned the water on and let it run for a couple of minutes. He took his clothes off and put them in the hamper in the bathroom cloest. As he was about to enter the tub, he noticed something weird in the mirror. He backed up and saw himself, full view in the mirror. Jimmy began to study his body very closely. He shrugged, "Oh well, it must be my eyes" he said rubbing them, "I did wake up not too long ago..." He stepped in the tub and pulled the knob that turns the shower head on. About half way through his shower, his skin suddenly felt soft. Softer than normal, like a baby's head. "Wow, this new soap my mom bought it amazing!" After about 5 minutes in the shower, he got out and dried himself. He put deoderant on and some cologne on as well. He put his boxers on and jeans on. As he began to put his shirt on, it felt a bit loose. He peeked out the head hole and looked, it was so loose, it seemed like he was wearing an extra large shirt, when he only wore a medium himself. He got out of the bathroom in attempt to find a smaller shirt, it turns out, that was the smallest shirt he had. No choice, he had to pull his shirt back to make it tigher like he's seen his girlfriend do. To save some embarresment, he wore a jacket. The only bad thing was, it was almost summer and today's weather was going to be 93. He left for school.

He arrived at school, looking around to see if anybody noticed something. Nobody noticed anything but him wearing a jacket in the near summer. "Hey Jim!" One of his friends, Zach, called out. "Hey Zach." "Why are you down in the dumps?" "I'm not, I'm just pretty tired... Oh well, I'll see ya at lunch?" "Yea, sure!" The bell was about to ring and everybody was already in their seats, waiting to learn about their daily dose of Chemistry. Class had passed by quite quickly and break was already next period. He wanted to spend the 15 minutes he had in the library, to get some piece and quiet from all the notes he had taken in Chemistry. As he entered the library, a sudden, but magical feeling ran through his body. "Oh..." He held a hand on his stomach. Quickly, he looked around the library to find that people were busy among themselves and power walked to a corner of the library. Double checking to see if anybody was near him, he looked down at himself and saw that his legs had changed dramatically. They were a lot more shapely. "Oh my God... What's happening to me?" He whispered to himself, noticing that his tone of voice was higher. He continued to observe his body as it slowly changed. He could feel his stomach pull itself in. He felt his hips jerk a bit and felt a bit uncomfortable as they widened. His butt pushed out and only tightened his jeans on himself. While all of this was going on, he noticed that his clothes started to change. The jacket he wore slowly turned to a bright yellow as the sleeves retracted up along his arms, turning into a vest. His pant legs started to merge together, fading into a plaid pattern. His underwear quickly morphed into a pair of white panties. The soft material felt cool against his skin, but the tightness was discomforting. He felt something tickle his ear, he thought it was a spider and swiped his ear. Attempting to look at to either side, he could easily see bangs from the top of his eyes. His shoulders, as if being sanded by magic sandpaper, were slowly rounding and smoothing off, loosing their broad structure.

Jimmy started to panic. He didn't know what to do, he was changing into a girl. His thinking was soon thrown off track when he felt his groin have a funny feeling. The thing that declared him a man was soon retracting inside him. He made faces as the feeling of something going inside of his groin was unpleasing. Soon he felt his lower body churn, strengthing inside. Soon enough a cool feeling began to flow through his body as a sensation came over him. The thought and feeling of his new privates felt relaxing. But, the sensation was soon brought to a stop when he noticed his chest growing. He put his hands on his chest. Feeling a bra underneath, he felt his chest blow up like balloons. The pressure was building up and it caused him pain. Jimmy couldn't stand the pressure anymore, he was about to scream. He took a deep breath when finally 2 breasts took place and sat on his chest, making him sigh in relief.

Jessica sat down in the corner, in fetal position. "How... How did this happen?" She thought, staring into space. Then, out of surprise, she saw Zach in the corner of her eye. She jumped and looked up at him. "Jimmy?" He whispered. He knelt down and got up close to her face and looked deep into her eyes. Jessica suddenly seemed to be attracted to Zach, "It's... Jessica now..." She said shyly, still looking into Zach's eyes. "That's a nice name." Zach said as he placed a hand on her shoulder. They began to kiss. Jessica still remembers her old life as well as Zach still sees her as one of his best friends, but they were soon known as the best known couple in school.


  1. I actually have a file that has a bunch of 'yet to draw' anime pics (I like to draw anime :P). Other than that, I usually just Google them or go to Photobucket.

  2. this tg story strated out kind of slow but picked up much better toward the end although the print is rather hard to read

    i really liked the ending where the boy completes his her change and becomes a girl i love these tg stories wher even the new girl's cloths change with her new gender

    and this one where she even finally kisses her new boyfriend

    i wish this would happen to me i want to become female too!