Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deserving what you get

Sorry for taking so long with this story, school related :\. Here's yet, another story!

Chris had a small problem. Well, a big problem actually. His problem was he's wanted to be a girl. Ever since he was 7, he's wanted to dress like one, act like one and even look like one. But his parents would be devastated and his father, infuriated. But he has a small, temporary solution. He has an older sister, Melissa. The way he 'solves' this problem is by sneaking into Melissa's room when she and their parents aren't home. Therefore, he can put on whatever he wants and leaves it the wait he found it so she never knows.

One night, Melissa was going to a party. When he found out that his parents were going out for a movie and dinner; it was pure, undefined success. His sister was getting ready when their parents, already in the car, began to grow inpatient and started to honk. "I'm coming! Hold on!" She shouted. She hurriedly walked out the door and Chris waited a few minutes by the window, making sure they were gone. After he saw the car leave, he made his move. He entered the familiar ground of his sister's room. Pink wallpaper, pictures of Justin Bieber on the walls, bed a mess and cd's strewn across the floor. He walked over to her drawer, in which, she kept her panties in. Grabbing a pair, he then went to her closet and snatched a pink blouse. He grabbed a matching skirt, a bra and some red and pink high heels. He never really wondered why his sister was so fond of the color pink.When all was collected, he took his clothes off and put her clothes on. The panties slipped right on. The bra took a while for him to get on because of the hooks. The blouse, a little tight fitting, was close against his skin. The skirt he pulled on was cool and elegant on his waist. He had a little troubling putting on the high heels though. He went to her bathroom and began to apply some make up to make him feel a bit more feminine. After some lipstick and eye liner, he heard the door open, he froze in horror. "Hold on mom, just give me a second." Melissa was faintly heard from the living room. Apparently, she had forgotten her purse in her room because she was rushing. Chris didn't know what to do. So, he just got out of the bathroom and stood there, in her room, standing in her clothes with make up on.

His sister opened the door, she was jaw dropped. There, standing before her, was her younger brother wearing her clothes. "You... little... PERV!" She screamed. "I-It's not what it looks like?" Chris tried to playfully shrug it off. "Oh, you know damn well what it looks like." She gave him this horrible look. "You're wearing my clothes. Oh, and you're wearing my favorite blouse, too!" She pouted near the end. She took a deep breath. "You know what? I'm not mad. In fact..." She walked over to her bed and pulled out a small case from underneath. She opened it and pulled out a vial no bigger than a half dollar. "I finally get to use this on somebody!" Melissa turned to Chris, "Drink this." She handed him the vial. "Hell no!" Chris pushed the vial away as if he were a baby pushing away a food he didn't want to eat. Melissa grabbed his (well... her) blouse. "If you don't drink it, I will punch you in the face and tell mom and dad about this." She handed him the vial. Chris looked at it like it was deadly. "Okay! Okay..." She let go and Chris took the vial. He popped the top and drank it. Melissa gave a satisfying smile and walked out the door. "See ya!" Chris didn't understand, what was in that vial? And why did she not tell him to get out of her clothes? Oh well, he didn't care and went back to dressing himself. That's when he felt funny. He felt as if the clothes were loosening up on him, growing bigger on him, perhaps. He looked in the mirror and saw nothing. When he did look into the mirror, he saw his hair grow before his eyes. It went down to his shoulders, turning a light purple. He started to panic. He didn't know what was happening, but whatever it was, it was happening fast.

Still looking in the mirror, he watched the changes on his body. He saw his legs and his arms shrinking, slenderizing and becoming more feminine. His shoulders lost all masculinity, rounding off. Still trying to figure out what was happening, he felt pressure on his waist. It was hurting! He looked down to where his waist was. When he did, it loudly snapped and caved in. Chris bent over in pain as his hips widened and his butt pushed out, making the panties that much tighter on him. When he looked up, he knew immediately what was happening, he was turning into a girl. Chris jumped excitedly as he awaited more changes. The day where he became a girl was finally coming true. He felt a sudden jerk in his groin. Looking in the mirror, he could see that the bulge that declared him a man was gone. The panties soon felt a lot more fitting and more comfortable.

Thinking that his transformation was complete, Chris saw his chest bloat. "Ahh..." He gasped, noticing his voice was a lot higher than before. His chest pulsed and pushed out with each heartbeat. He was filling in the emptiness of his bra, but the awkwardness that he felt as his chest pushed out was a little too much for him to handle. He felt the need to puke, but then his chest stopped. So now, he had a pair of breasts and was an official girl.

Chelsea stood in a happy stance and stared at her new body. "I love it!" She cheerily jumped up and down. She heard the door open, it was hard to believe that she was already home. Melissa walked into the room, "So, Chris, how-" Melissa was attacked by Chelsea, she hugged her. "Ohmigawd, Melly, I love this new look! Thank you sis!" Chelsea slapped a kiss on Melissa's cheek. She giddily skipped out of Melissa's room. She stood there, dumbfounded, that her 'was-a-little-brother' was actually happy to be a girl. She was too confused to care.

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  1. yet one more wonderrful tg story the boy want's and wishes he can be a girl and than he become's one for real

    the detail's of his her change are also fantastic

    i want this to happen for and to me to

    and it would'nt really hurt at all to have a sister who would understand and help you to turn into a female

    i love how the new girl just love's and accepts being a girly in the end and just jump's for joy when the transformation is all done

    please help me in this manner to become a little girly too i wish i were a girl!