Monday, November 14, 2011

The deed is done! (and a new design to the page)

Hey guys!
If you don't already know, a good friend of mine (well, only anyways :P) tg-me have decided to team up and write a story together. Well, today is finally the day that we've decided on a story. I'll be writing my half of the story shortly after I play some Xbox (I've been on the computer since 10 AM, and it's 11 right now, nothing but a little break won't help). So, stay tuned!

I've updated the design on my page, if you haven't already noticed :P. I hope it doesn't look too bad or if it's not as good as the original. But, here it is! Hope you like it!


  1. How do u make a backround like that? And where did u find that pic?

  2. 1: What?

    2: I just Googled 'anime girl' and just found one with a night time atmosphere. To fit the look of the new look, if you know what I mean.