Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Damsel in Distress

I feel somewhat bad using somebody else's picture, but as I said before, I don't necessarily own these pictures and take no credit for them. Just putting that out there before I get in trouble ^-^.

Kevin was going to the beach with his family to take a vacation. After all, it was summer and they should spend it well. They lived not too far from the beach but they still rode in the car to save time. His parents were talking about what they should do first but Kevin just told them that he was just going to walk around the beach and just collect shells while they and his sister play in the water.

They arrived at the beach so fast that Kevin didn't know whether they stopped off at a gas station or not. As he opened the door, a fresh breeze of salt water scent and crisp air, slammed his face. He loved that smell and nothing can be better than that. He got his towel, umbrella and a few toys and gave them to his sister. They wondered around until they found a nice spot under a palm tree. "Alright, I'll come back here in about 15 minutes after getting shells." "Okay honey, just be sure to stay away from strangers!" His mom told him as she was laying down a towel. Kevin began to walk off in the opposite direction of where they were.

He kind of lied, he didn't really collect shells, he just liked to be alone and away from them. He needed a break once in a while. While strutting along, he sees something in the distance. A rock? No, too small to be a rock. A beached shark? Possibly, but then again sharks were no where near this beach. He got closer and found that it was a young girl. He ran to her, trying to see if she was alive or if she was drowining. "Oh my God! Are you okay?" He said as he knelt down. He flipped her over and found something else unusual, her bottom half of her body was... fish? "Whoa!" He said in amazment, she was a mermaid. "Y-y-ou..." She said in a beautiful but weak voice. "What?" He said, holding her head up as she was giving him something. "Take this amulet.... b-b-back to my people and tell them... the favor is..." She died and she disinegrated into granils of sand. The amulet had pearls as the necklace with an Amythyst crystal in the middle. "How am I to get this to people that are underwater?" He held it up in the light when it started to dim. "What the..." A huge wave came and was about to crash into him. He froze and could do nothing but to let it hit him.
He found himself in a white area. "Am... Am I dead?" He said to himself, the voice echoed around the empty abyss. He was floating in the air and didn't know what was happening. Then he saw a spec, a small little black spec that was that small or it was in the distance. It was indeed getting bigger and didn't know whether it was heading towards him, it was growing or he was going to it. SLAM! He was dissorientated as he looked around to find a young girl like the one that died, standing above him. "Hey! *snap, snap* can you hear me? Can you see me?" The words were a bit muffled and he could see her but it was a blurry image. It also seemed to burn his eyes, as if he were underwater. He got up and found himself floating like he was in that small dream he had. He was underwater! "Ahh! I'll drown down here!!" He said as he was beginning to kick around. "Relax! There's an air bubble around your head for you, human!" Kevin calmed down, "Human? But aren't you..." She sighed "No, if you can see this" She waved her fish tail in front of his face "then I don't think I would be human now wouldn't I?" He gasped as the air bubble was close to his face when he did. "C'mon, I need to go take you to King Neptune." "WHAT!?" Kevin was surprised and confused as the mermaid grabbed his hand and swam. It was dim lit and he couldn't see anything but it started to light up as he saw a city. "Welcome, to Atlantis, human!" He was amazed, it was full of life, he saw mermaids and mermen everywhere, fish were helping out and everybody there are friends of one another. Then he saw a big building, "Is that..." "King Neptunes palace, yes human. We are going to talk to him."

Kevin saw palace guards at the entrance and when they saw him and the mermaid, they bowed and let them enter. There was red colored coral acting as a red carpet. She slowly swam up the the throne where King Neptune sat. He was a brave, herois person. His crown was made from the finest of gold and his trident was bigger than Kevin's car. He "got up" and began to slowly swim towards Kevin. "You dare to bring a human into Atlantis, Ashley!?" He roared. "Your Majesty, he is the one who recovered something from my fallen sister." Neptune thought as he ran a hand through his long beard. "Is this true human?" Kevin nodded, speechless. "May I see this 'thing' that Ashley speaks of?" He held a hand out. Kevin reached in his pocket and got the pearl amulet and let it float softly into his giant hand. He held it up to his face and thought hard. "Ah, yes... Sister Katie... A dear shame..." He snapped his fingers and two swordfish swam like a bullet and recovered the amulet from his hands. Kevin got the courage to say something. "The girl had told me to say that the favor was... something but she passed away soon after... Your Majesty." Neptune kneeled down and studied his face. "Hmm... This human is honest, and responsible. I can see him being one loyal to thee." He grabbed his neck, popping the air bubble and began to squeeze hard but not enough to choke him. "King Neptune!" The mermaid named Ashley shouted. "Relax sister, I am mearly granting him powers." He let go and Kevin gasped for air. Wait, air? Was he breathing underwater? He felt something move on his neck. He got a hand and rubbed his neck only to find small gills un-noticable to the naked eye, but he knew they were there. "Take him to the chamber and then bring him back after he's finshed." Neptune ordered his guards. "Wait, where are you taking me!?" The guards grabbed his arms and took him away from the throne room.

They threw him in a room with a huge circular table and white majestic columns. The guards shut the door covered in sea anenome. He saw shadows move from the columns. They were people but were they mermen? He couldn't tell because of the shrouded hood of a maroon robe covered their face. Then he heard voices. He couldn't understand them though, it was like an ancient language. Each one began to sync with one another after one spoke. He looked around and couldn't understand what was going on. Then he saw another one enter the circular table. He was holding a tablet and began to chant but not like the others. Shortly after he did, Kevin's back snapped and cracked so loud, it was like it was broken. He shouted in pain because it felt like a pitching machine threw a football the speed of light hit him directly in the back. It was still cracking but not as loud as he felt it rearraging itself. His arms and legs did the same. The strange thing infront of him waved a hand over the tablet as he saw it glow and turn yellow. Then he felt himself shrinking. Not as in ant shrinking, like his body parts were loosing muscle mass. He looked at his arms and they were slender. His stomach was smaller, his shoulders were less broad looking and his collar bone seemed out of place. His face was warm and fuzzy as it too, changed. He had a feeling what was happening but he was afraid he might have been wrong.

The strange creature waved his hand again, turning the stone tablet red. As he chanted, Kevin felt his legs moving. He looked down and saw that his trunks were shredded apart and was now naked. He couldn't cover himself because the other creatures held him in place with their magic. He could see his legs stiffin and become straight as if he were standing like a penguin. Then he saw his skin stretch out. His toes were growing longer and saw that he had webbings in between his toes. His toes were out about 1 foot in front of his feet when he heard and felt his bones crack again. He winced in pain as he watched his bones on his feet grow out and formed fins. His legs, still together, began to merge with eachother. The bones cracked still as they too, became one. He could see them becoming one giant fin. He started to tear because of pain. When it was done, he had 1 giant flesh colored fin. But what of his that was once between his legs? He could see that it was shrinking. It was dissapearing into his crotch and could see that it could be no more soon. Then his fleshy fin began to itch. When he looked at it again, the skin began to flake off and be replaced by scales. He could see the flesh falling off by the chunks. The scales were auqa green and a bit of blue hue was added. His bottom half of his body was now fish like.

The creature waved his hand again and the tablet turned blue. He saw starfish appear out of thin air (well, water anyways...) and latch onto his nipples. His hair was beginning to grow down to his shoulders or what had appeared to do so. He felt pain on his nipples because the starfish were bitting down. "Ahhhhhhhh!!" He said as each second, his voice would raise in pitch. Then he saw a string tie itself through the starfish and around his back, making a bra. Then he saw his chest grow out. Each time he breathed, they grew a little more. He could see that the creature grew impatient and made a gesture and Kevin's new breasts pulled out in a painful manner. The breasts were finished and so was his transformation.

The guards came back in and dragged her back to King Neptune. "Ahh, I see that the prophets have changed you well." She said in all due respect but still in angry voice to Neptune, "Why am I a girl, your majesty?" Neptune got up and walked around her. "Well you see, our protectors are girls and you could have been the first male to be a protector. But you see, the women in our world have better powers than those of the men. Thus, I have changed you into a girl to fit those in the sea." "Then what would my name be?" Neptune looked at her face. "What was your name before?" "Kevin..." She said shyly. "Hmm..." He stood up. "You shall be Kelly." "Thank you, your majesty." Neptune sat back down, "I see you like it. Now go with Sister Ashley and she'll explain everything you need to know." After that assignement Neptune assigned them, Ashley and Kelly became the best of friends.

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