Thursday, November 3, 2011

Greed comes at a price

Zachary worked at a office supply store. He didn't really like his job. But, he got payed enough to keep his payments up with his apartment but he was sometimes over-worked. Even when Christmas came around, he got locked in the store on accedent while checking stock in the back.

One day while walking home from work, something shone in his eyes; it was a pink stone, sitting in a small pile of garbage. He walked over to it and picked it up. "Why would somebody throw out a prefectly good piece of jewlery?" He said, wiping the garbage off of it. "Maybe I could sell this..." He thought, putting the stone in his pocket. He continued his walk home. When he arrived home, he placed the stone on top of his desk, he decided to keep it and wait for a 'LOST' poster. After all, the stone looked pretty valuable and wouldn't want the owner to feel sad.

After he ate and watched TV for a bit, he took a shower to wash away the hard day's work and put on some more comfortable home clothing to relax him. Then he went to bed and fell asleep.
Zachary slept for about 2 hours before he was woken up by a glowing light. "*yawn* Wow, is it morning already?" He mumbled, rubbing his eyes. He looked at the clock and saw it was midnight. He looked around the room and found that it was the stone glowing. He got up from his bed and lazily walked over to it and picked it up. "Why is it glowing like this?" Zachary questioned himself, scratching his head. He opened a drawer and stuffed it under his socks. As he was about to go back to bed, he heard a voice calling to him, "Zachary..." He got scared and started to panic. "Wh-wh-who's there?" He studdered. "In the drawer, boy!" He slowly walked back to the drawer and opened it. It was the stone that was talking to him. "I am a wishing stone," It glowed brighter as it talked, "since you have found me I shall grant you but 1 wish." The stone explained. Zachary picked up the stone and held it in his hand. "I can wish for anything..." He said, turning the stone. "I wish... I wish I had enough money so I don't have work anymore." The stone turned blue, "Hmm..." It sounded as if it were studying his mind, his soul perhaps. "I sense selfishness and irrisponsibilty in you. This wish can be made but consequences will be payed." Zachary got angry and shouted, "I don't care, just make it happen!" The stone sounded like it was clicking its tounge, "Such an impatient boy..." The stone turned pink again "The wish shall be granted! However, due to your wish of greed, your life will be changed not only by the money, but with yourself." The stone began to hum and vibrate in his hand. Then the stone exploded into pink dust with a silent thump.

Zachary woke up like it was just a dream. He looked around only to find himself in a much bigger room. His bed was also softer and bigger as well. He walked to his door and opened it to find that he was in a mansion. "A mansion...? That means it worked!" He said happily, not noticing that his voice was a tad higher. He began to walk back to his bed with a grin on his face when he suddenly felt a tingly sensation run through his body. Just as he was bout to lay back down, he noticed his skin was slightly more pale. "What the?" Then he felt his hair grow longer. It grew down to his shoulders and he could feel how much softer is was against his neck. His shoulders lost all broadness and rounded off, giving him a more fragile stature. His neckline had dropped and he felt his arms shrinking. He looked down to find them alot smaller than they were and they were also slender, his hands the same. Zachary started to panic, "What's happening to me?!" His voice was already at the sound of a 3 year-old. His face felt fuzzy as it shrunk and reshape itself. His stomach shrunk and pulled itself in as his waist collapsed into itself.

He noticed his legs were hairless and much smoother now. They began to shrink like his arms did and also seemed slender. Like his hands, his feet had done the same. His boxers began to creep up his thighs and started to cling to his skin. They became soft and formed into panties. His hips had widened and his butt extended, making his new panties tighter against his skin. His legs took a feminine shape.. Then he felt something in his groin start to dissapear. He looked down to find that the bulge in the panties was getting smaller. He reached down, attempting to save what he knew was his manhood only to feel a small bump. He gave up and let the change continue as the skin between his legs pinched. He heard a faint tearing sound soon after and it made him make a face at the small amount of pain.

Zachary's shirt then started to shrink and split into 2 cups covering his breasts. The rest of the cloth became soft and morphed into straps of a bra. An immense pressure started to build up behind his chest. He looked down to see that 2 bumps of flesh were growing outward. The pressure grew and grew and the pain got worse and worse. His chest felt like it was going to explode until 2 breasts popped into place, finishing the transformation.

Zoey looked confused, " could this...happen?" She said in an innocent voice. Then words echoed in her head,"...your life will be changed not only by the money, but with yourself." The stone! Her wish for money had turned her into a woman! She looked down at her new body, running hands along her new body. "I... I guess it's okay..." Then she began to smile. "At least I don't have to work anymore." She layed back down in the plush bed and went back to sleep.

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  1. i want this stone where can i find one to turn me into a girl too i wish i were a girl like zoey is now!