Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Sleepover (TG Timmy version)

The time has come! My friend, tg-me and I have teamed up to write a TG caption together. The title seems a bit bland, but, oh well :P. Here's the picture we've decided on. We hope you enjoy what's soon to come!

Micheal on the left (tg-me) Timmy on the right (TG Timmy)

God, I still hate what happened to this day! I don't care if was a month ago, I don't care if it's been all of my life! What happened will never be gone from my mind. Ever since my best friend, Micheal, came to spend the night at my house, it's kind of been hell. Well, for me anyways, he's (she's, I guess...) off enjoying his (her) new body. And for me? Well, I just absolutely hate it! I mean, you have no idea what a pain in the arse being a girl can be... Let me tell ya, it's bad enough that I have breasts, I'm a foot shorter and not to mention I don't have... Let's just leave off there and say I'm a girl girl.

It was a Friday in December, me and Micheal had been planning this sleep over for a few days now. He had just gotten this new game for Xbox and he wanted to bring it over to show me how awesome it was. School, well, it was probably one of the longest days in my life, anticipating the sheer awesomeness that Micheal explained. After that last bell rang, I ran home. I came home 10 minutes earlier than other days, I like to take my time walking. Anyways, I went upstairs and quickly cleaned my room and freshened everything up. I walked downstairs to sit on the comfortable couch in my living room. My mom came from the kitchen, chuckling, "I hope you know, dear, that it's only 3:51. Your friend probably won't be here until around 5." I looked up at her, "Oh, you're right... So I did all of that for nothing then..." "No... It doesn't hurt to be clean, right?" "Yea... Well, I'm going to play in the mean time!" I walked back upstairs and slammed myself on the bet and started up my Xbox.

2 hours was quicker than I thought! I heard the doorbell ring and looked at my clock, it was 5:15. "I'll get it!" I yelled, rushing down to open the door. Almost breathless, I opened the door and saw my good friend, Micheal with a gym bag. "Hey Tim!" He said, smiling. "What's up dude!? Come on in!" He stepped in to the living room, stumbling. "Want me to get your bag?" I offered. "That would be great, thanks." I grabbed his bag, but it wasn't really heavy. "What's in here?" I curiously asked. "Uhh... My pillow, a blanket, the game and... I think that's about it." I scratched my head. "And... this was heavy to you?" He shook his head, closing the door behind him, "Just getting the thing through the door was what did it." I don't blame him, my door isn't really that big anyways. "You ready to play?" "Are you kidding? I've been ready!" We went upstairs to play the game he brought, I don't distinctly remember, but I know it was something gory. A few hours passed and it was starting to get dark. We were both getting bored. As much as I hated to say that, we were. I turned the Xbox off and turned to him, "So, what's next?" Micheal rubbed his chin, looking up into space, thinking. Then, his eyes suddenly lit up, "Oh yea! Hold on, Tim, I'll go get my bag." He got up and went downstairs. While I was waiting, I grabbed the game case to read the game manual. Let me say, that was the worst game manual I've ever read, it shouldn't even be considered a manual! It was like somebody got a piece of paper, folded it in half, and stuck it in there, my God... Oh look, Micheal's back. "Check this out." He reached into one of the side pockets and took out a vial filled with pink liquid. "Erm... What is that?" "Well, every time we have a sleepover, it gets kind of boring, you know?" I shook my head, "... No?" He sighed, "So, you mean to tell me what happened right now, with us getting bored with the game, isn't us getting bored?" I looked over at my Xbox, he did have a point. "I guess you're right." "Anyways, I went over to this gypsy on Thursday and she gave me this gender changing potion!" He held up the vial as if it were Excalibur. "You know, a guy drinks it and he turns into a girl. Vice Versa with girls." To be honest, I think he was just trying to play with my mind. "And so, if we drank this, turning into girls of course, we wouldn't be bored anymore!" Eh, so I just played along, he was one of my best friends! "Alright." I said sarcastically, "I'll drink it, because it'll totally turn me into a girl." I chuckled, I don't think he caught on to my joke.

Micheal popped open the vial and drank half of it. "Wow, that actually tastes pretty good!" He handed me the vial and I downed the rest of the pink liquid. It tasted like a mix of raspberry, strawberry and cherry. It did taste amazing. Personally, I didn't think it was going to work, I mean really, a gender changing potion? "So, now what?" I asked, handing him the empty vial. "We wait!" I shrugged, "Alrighty then!" It was kind of boring. We just kind of sat there, well, he did anyways, I went on my computer to play Minecraft. It seemed like he was never there, it was so quiet in my room. To be honest, I got scared for him and looked at him just to be sure he was alright. He just lay on my bed, looking up at the ceiling. I tried to break the silence to start a conversation, "That 'potion' was pretty good." Micheal sat up, "Yea... Yea it was." He turned to me, "Hey, you want to play that game some more?" "Sure, why not?" I turned my computer off and went over to my Xbox. As I grabbed his game case, there was this sudden energy that ran through my body. Micheal apparently noticed me when I froze, bending down to grab the case. "You alright, Tim?" Picking up the case, I placed it on my Xbox, "Yea, I was just thinking..." I tried not to let him know about that feeling that just happened. "Whoa..." Micheal shuddered. "What's up?" I asked him. "This chill just ran down my back, is your window open?" I shook my head, "No, it's closed." Then, Micheal started to smile, it kind of creeped me out. "Uhh, Mike?" "I know exactly what's happening now!" He stood up. "Alright, dude, you're starting to scare me..." I told him. "That chill I just had, I think that's the start of the transformation!"

I think he's playing something on me. We do that all the time, but I think he may be going a bit far on this one. So, I decided to come out with this one, "Come on, man, do you really think that... fruit... milkshake... drink thingy really works?" He gave me this look, I can't really describe it, but it was one of those 'you-don't-trust-me?' looks. "Would I lie to you?" "Actually, you probably would since we play pranks on each other all the time." I smiled, trying to bring a sense of friendliness. He sighed in disgust and sat down on the bed. I couldn't help but feel bad for not only him, but for myself as well. "Look, Micheal, I'm sorry. But, I just don't think that there's such thing as a potion that could..." I stopped and noticed Micheal's hair. "Yes, Timmy?" He looked at me. "Y-y-you... H-hair..." I studdered, gesturing to his hair. "What?" He looked confused, I was surprised that he didn't catch on. "DUDE!" I finally managed to get out. "Your hair is growing!" Micheal's eyes lit up with excitement. "Yes! It's working!" He jumped up and down. He went to my bathroom and looked at his reflection. Still, his hair grew. "This is awesome!" He came back to my room, "Tim, we're finally going to be girls!"

Oh no... It's actually working... I thought all those fairy tales and stories about changing gender was all fiction, but the proof was right there in front of my eyes... And in my stomach. I looked at Micheal's hair, and found that it was already longer than before, and seemed to be turning a slight burgundy brown. "No..." I said in this shockingly 'no way' tone. "Don't worry, Tim, it'll be happening to you soon enough, you drank your half about a minute after I did!" He smiled. "Oh! Looks like I spoke too soon!" Wide-eyed, I ran to my bathroom. I looked in the mirror to find my hair growing longer by the second, as if it weren't real. Then, the black color of my hair melted off, revealing a blonde hair color underneath. I could hear Micheal going off about him turning into a girl. Quickly running out of the bathroom, I put my hands on his shoulders, "Do you even know what's happening?!" I tried to yell some sense into him. "Why, of course I do, Timmy!" He cheerily said. "We're turning into girls!" "That's the problem, do you really want to turn into a girl, Micheal?!" "Sure! What's to hate? I'm going to live a new life and experience everything differently!" I could hear his voice rising in pitch, you couldn't tell if he just talked, but I could easily hear it.

Well, here I am, turning into a girl before my very eyes... I don't see what Micheal is so excited though, I really don't. So, I kind of gave up, you can't really fight magic. I sat down on my bed and just awaited the changes with no effort of fighting it. "Oh, this is amazing!" Micheal, still jumping up and down, cheered once more. I didn't have anything to say, other than "Why the hell did I agree to drink it?" in my mind. Then, Micheal stopped. "What's wrong, Mike?" I got up and went over to him, "I... I think it's just more changes..." Yep, he was right. As soon as he finished his sentence, his entire body shrunk. He was a little shorter, for one; and after that, his shoulders seemed to drop, losing his masculinity. "Ahh..." He painfully sighed, working his arms around, it seemed to hurt from his standards. Then, I could see his arms and his legs shrink to size. Micheal looked down, "Oh cool!" "Yea, I guess... The only problem is, Mike, is that your clothes are practically falling off of you." Timing couldn't have been better. Micheal's shirt and pants tightened against his body, giving the clothes a perfect fit. "You were saying?" He chuckled. Afterwards, his clothes started to change. Not much, anyways, they just turned white and grew spots all over his clothes. So, Micheal was now in, what looked like, girly pajamas. "Hmph, I like it!" Then, the changes shot over to me.

The pain struck me slow, as if I had just finished a good work out. Everything felt sore, even my own skin. I could see everything 'grow' , even though I knew I was getting shorter, and was 'stooping' to Micheal's level. I felt my arms and my legs cramp, they were shrinking, like Micheal's. Then, my shoulders did the same. The only good side to this transformation was that everything happened to Micheal first. At least I get to see what's coming before it happens to me, you know? "Greeeaaat..." I looked down at myself, well, at my loose clothes anyways. "I hope you know what that means!" He giggled in the highest voice possible. I guess I wasn't paying attention, because when I heard him, his voice was at the tone of a 3 year-old. The clothes magically shrunk to fit my new stature and turned pink. All traces of my old clothes faded away into pajamas. "Oh, look at you! You look cute!" Micheal said. "Gee, thanks..." I replied, rolling my eyes.

I don't like these pajamas. Why? Well, for one, they're pink! And second, they're a little loose... It just feels kind of awkward, and the pants are kind of high. I feel like pulling them down to try to cover my ankles, but then I start pulling them off, and I don't think anybody wants that to happen. Anyways, I got thirsty. I know for sure that my parents were still up watching TV and I didn't want to go down there with blonde hair and pink PJ's. But I decided to go down anyways; who knows, they might be out watching a movie or at dinner. "Micheal, I'm going down to get some water, you want anything?" Micheal shook his head, "No, I'm good, thanks." I slowly opened the door and looked downstairs, it was completely dark. "Good..." I thought. I opened the door and sneakily went downstairs to my fridge. I opened the fridge door and freaked myself out, thinking that one of my parents was behind me. I grabbed a bottle of water and went back upstairs. God, I couldn't tell you how thirsty I was. I chugged half, maybe more, of that bottle in a matter of seconds. "That was a life saver." My voice was dry. "Did I not just drink this entire bottle?" I thought. I opened the cap and drank the rest. Clearing my throat, I went back upstairs. I opened the door to find Micheal watching TV. "Oh hey! Timmy, where'd you get that nail polish? I LOVE it!" Micheal was starting to creep me out, with all the changes and everything. "Nail pol-" I stopped myself. My voice, my own voice, was gone. Well, not gone gone, it's just.... Oh, I don't know... I HAVE A GIRL'S VOICE NOW!? "Oh no..." I shook my head "No, no, no, no..." I looked at my hands, since Micheal had pointed them out. They were pink with little flowers on them, and it looked like I had just gotten a manicure. "NO, no, no, no, no!" I was complete denial.

I looked down at my feet, only to find them like my hands. "This... this isn't good!" I yelled in a shrill voice that I was to claim as my own. "Of course it is! It's all part of the process." He winked at me. Then, I could feel my boxers tightening up, real tight, too. The started to creep up my legs and turn softer, as if they were morphing into... panties!?  God, were they uncomfortable! Do you know how tight and uncomfortable panties are when you have... well, something there?! I tried not to let Micheal see the face I had, but my God! But it only got worse; there was this tugging on my butt. Not like on my pants, on my actual flesh. I put my hands to stop whatever was doing it, but then I realized, that's it's the potion doing it... I shook my head and just let it happen (hey, no dirty thoughts! I'm trying to tell this seriously!). The panties only got tighter since my butt pushed out. "At least that's done and over with..." I thought. Nope, there's still more! My hips pushed out , too. WOW, were they tight! I thought I was going to loose all blood flow, to be honest. I wanted to take them off, but not in front of my friend, no way! So, I just stood there, watching the same things happen to Micheal, him being all excited and happy. Then there was this loud, sudden crack that could just pop your ears. This most excruciating pain hit me. I bent over, holding my stomach. But it wasn't my stomach, it was my waist. I looked down and found that it just kind of caved in, shrunk if you will. So, not only do I have tight panties, but I have a full feminine figure... Great! Thanks, pal!

"Wow, Timmy, that must've hurt!" Micheal cringed when he heard that crack. "Oh, believe me, that'll happen soon enough." Which got me thinking, why are my transformation faster than his? He drank it first and he's been the first to transform first before me. "Micheal..." I began. Then I heard that familiar crack again. "AHH! ...Hold on..." I didn't blame him, that really hurt! "Oh... Yea, what's up Tim?" He got up, trying to recover himself. "If you drank that potion first, why am I changing faster than you?" He thought for a second. "Hm, I don't know, really. I think it may be the attitude of one, or maybe just... the person?" "Attitude..." It echoed in my mind. "No...! What if I'm changing because of me? I'm the one not excited for this change, what if the only reason is because I don't like it?" "Wow, you're lucky, you're going to be a girl first!" Micheal said, still trying to recover. I shook my head, "That can't be good..." "Sure it is! You'll be fine, it's only temporary."

Now, see, he didn't mention anything about it being temporary. That changes everything. "You mean to tell me, all of this, is temporary?!" I was a bit agitated. "Yea, you thought it was going to be permanent?" Micheal chuckled. "Well, yea!" Micheal started to laugh, it sounded almost like a girly giggle. "Come on, dude, you really think that I would get a potion, a gender changing potion, to make us both permanent girls?" "Yea..." I mumbled, "I figured, since you think that everything is boring." Micheal came over and put a hand on my shoulder, "No, it's just for tonight! It'll be fun!" Alright, that lightened me up! At least I know it wasn't permanent, I guess I can like it, for now anyways. I still want to see how this all plays out. Micheal sat down on my bed, looking like a girl now, but I know something was missing... Something didn't make us a girl just yet... What was it? Eh, it doesn't matter now, does it?

I just stood there, waiting for nothing to happen, like a casual person waiting for something to never happen. Aaand, that's when it hit me... When I was there, staring off into space and thinking about what it'll be like being a girl for x amount of time, there was this strange feeling. Not like a 'there's-a-sniper-watching-us' feeling, no, this was something different, like I knew it was about to happen. It was this... this really awkward feeling, and I mean really awkward. In my pants awkward (I didn't want to sound dirty, but it was!). Suddenly, it hit me... for the second time. I was going to lose my manhood. My eyes opened and Micheal saw them. "No...!" I think he knew what was happening from the look of his face. Blech, it was the worst possible feeling you could ever have. I'm not talking about putting your hand in warm spaghetti, not in a bowl of water beads, I'm talking about something going inside of you. I could just feel my own piece of flesh slowly contract inside of me, slowly shrinking and fading away into nothingness. But afterwards, there was this cool, but warm feeling that suddenly flowed through my body. Oh, was that relaxing! It was like an icy-warm jacuzzi. This sensation that I couldn't describe was over and then it hit me... for the last time; I had nothing!

I went to grab my groin, attempting to grab whatever I had there, to make sure it was there, but I felt nothing. To be honest, I started to panic. All I felt was the cloth of my pajamas. I wanted to make sure that it was just my pajamas, so I turned away from Micheal and stuck my hand in my pants (you have to do what you have to do... I guess?). I... Well, I didn't feel anything but a soft patch of skin, and nothing more. But, I don't know why I was worried though, it was only temporary. Micheal I guess had the same problem, I could tell that it just happened to him because of his face. Probably enjoying that feeling I had, too. "So... That's it, then?" I asked him. He shook his finger at me. "Nuh-uh." He pointed to his chest. Oh, right....

Sprouting breasts was... Hmm... Well, it was... It's kind of hard to describe. First there was this... tightening feeling, like you couldn't breath. Then, it just grew tighter and tighter until there was pressure from behind. After that, it just started to push out. I personally couldn't breath, so I just tried to hold my breath and concentrated on something else other than the pain that stretched my skin out. And concentrating worked! The time it took to form them was shorter than it should have been, right? I don't know, I've never had to grow those things before! Anyways, so here I was, standing here, as a full bled temporary, mind you, girl. Micheal, still hadn't had his chance to bloom yet, so, he was right; I was first. I gotta say, it was weird, being a girl and having different parts and a new weight on you to 'control'. Then, I guess Micheal started his process too because of the pained, breathless noise he started to make. "Mike, just try to concentrate on something else, forget about the pain." His face went from a painful cringe to a relaxed state. And in no time, he had breasts!

"Ahh! Finally!" The girl named 'Micheal' cheered, jumping for joy. "I'm a girl! How are you feeling, Tim?" "Ehh... I don't know, I'm still not liking this." I sheepishly replied. "So... What are we supposed to do in these?" I pointed to my new found body. "I don't know, girl stuff?" Micheal replied. What? Girl stuff? What the hell is 'girl stuff'? "Uhh... Girl stuff, Mike?" I asked him. "That gives me an idea." He (well she now) said. "You called me Mike, that won't work. We're going to need girl names." "Ohh..." I pouted. I felt kind of spoiled for that split second. "Uhh... What do you want to be called?" I don't know any girl names! So, I just said the first thing that came to mind. "Uh... I don't know, Taylor?" She cheered, "That's perfect! I like that name, too!" "Thanks?" I didn't know what to say to something like that. "Call me... Mira." She said. "Okay." I shrugged.

"So..." I said, crossing my arms and drawing an imaginary circle with my foot. "How exactly is this 'exciting' and 'not boring'?" Mira shrugged. "I dunno... But hey, we're girls now, right?" I had no idea what that meant, "I guess?" "Oh! Which reminds me!" Mira looked in her gym bag for something. "There was instructions to that potion..." Instructions? God, why didn't she tell me this all before hand? It's starting to agitate me that she had stuff that she- "Found 'em!" She held out a small piece of paper. "Not much though, I thought there would've been more. But all this says is, 'don't drink before midnight'. Hmph, it's not midnight now, is it?" I knew something was going to go wrong... I slowly turned my head to the clock on my nightstand. -11:59-
I looked back at Mira, wide eyed. "What?" I pointed to the clock and she turned her head. "Oh... heh heh..." She sheepishly forced out a laugh. "I guess I should have done it later?" "You're telling me... Mira, that I could be STUCK AS A GIRL FOREVER!?!?" You don't know how mad I was. I mean, really, I didn't think that stupid potion would work in the first place! And here I am, standing here, infuriated, as a full bled permanent girl. Great, that's exactly what I wanted for Christmas, mommy.

"I'm sure that... nothing will happen, right?" Mira shrugged. "Nothing will hap-... *sigh* You realize that we're going to have to tell our friends and our parents on what happened, right?" "I don't know, I think I'll like being a girl. After all, I think that one guy Jason is pretty cute." Whoa, whoa, whoa... Back up. Did she just say some guy was... cute? "What... did... you... say?" Trying not to freak myself out. "Oh, yea, uhm... I think if you drank it before midnight... Uh... You're a girl, permanently. Which probably means that you'll start to think like one, if anything..." She had this kind of guilty look. I shook my head, "Oh, no, no, no, no. I am not, not, going to have a girl's mind. No way no how! But, I think this nail polish looks pretty." I held my hand up to examine the- NO! No, this isn't going to happen to me. I'm not turning into a girl. "I think I'll probably call Jason in the afternoon tomorrow..." She quietly talked to herself. "Mira!" I shouted. She snapped out of her trance. "Yes?" "We're going to have to get some sleep soon. I'm getting tired." "Yea, so am I." I don't want to sound dirty here, but I had a pretty big bed and I didn't want Mira to sleep on the floor, so I offered a space next to me on the bed. Just sayin', I want to be nice for a friend. We got into bed and went to sleep no problem, that is, until Mira woke me up...

"Hey... Hey Taylor..." She lightly tapped on my shoulder. "Hmm...?" I lightly hummed. "You think Jason will go out with me?" Good God, it's practically gotten to her head, I don't think I can save her. "I'm sure he will, Mira..." Damn it, I'm not succumbing to a new mind, I'm fighting this thing before I go down. I shook my head, trying to forget what I said. "Thanks." She turned over and went back to sleep. I fell asleep in no time and started to have this dream. It was me and my other friend, Alan. We were watching a movie together, I forget. But anyways, I went over to his house to play games and then, it got all serious. We were talking... Talking about relationships and who we're thinking about asking out... He started to move in on me... Lips puckered... We- NOOO!!! God, no! That's... UGH! Not to him! No!

Morning came slow, with me staying up and trying to fight the thoughts all night, apparently, it worked, nothing else came to mind when the clock hit 7. "That was horrible..." I whispered to myself, rubbing my tired eyes. "You up, Mira?" I turned around and she wasn't there. Suddenly, she popped out of the bathroom. "Good Morning, TAYLOR!" She said in this real, cheery voice. Oh no... "I'm glad you're awake, I had the best dream! OH! Me and Jason, we were at his house and..." She went up to my ear and whispered in this giddy tone. "... We kissed!" She jumped back and smiled, "Oh... So, how did you sleep?" Mira had this 'whatcha-doin'?' tone. "I... I didn't really get any sleep." I brushed my blonde hair back. "Aww, that's too bad... Well, at least now we can talk about stuff." "Stuff?" Mira sat down on my computer chair and crossed her legs, "Oh, you know; we can talk about who we want to date, when you want to get a manicure, and-" "Whoa, uhh, Mira, I'm not really into that stuff..." She stopped, "What do you mean?" "I mean, I'm still a guy." She had this serious face and burst with laughter. "... Oh, you're funny, Taylor." I gave her a serious look. "I'm serious..." She stopped giggling. "Oh... Well... I'm sorry, then... I just wanted to be closer..." Then, Mira got depressed after. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. "Oh, I'm sorry, Mira." I went over to hug her and try to comfort her. "I just... I'm not into girl stuff, you know? Sure, I have the body of one, but I'm still me. I'll do stuff when you want to, just... I kind of got to think about it, you know?" Mira looked up at me, "Ok." She smiled and hugged me back. "Good. I'm glad we got that-" "Timmy, Micheal, breakfast is ready!" My dad called to us. Oh no...

I totally forgot about my parents. What am I... We, going to do? We're 2 girls, and my parents are going to see us and freak! "Ooh, yum, I've been starving since this morning!" Mira said, jumping up from my chair. "Uhh, Mira? I don't think you noticed, but uh... We're girls now!?" Mira nodded, "Yes, yes we are." "No, Mira, you don't understand! You and me were guys last night, do you see a difference?" I pointed to our bodies, "Our parents saw us last night, and if we go down now, they're going to flip out!" Mira took a minute to process what I just said. "Ohhh... OH!" I guess she finally got it. "Oh well, I'm hungry! I'm just going to go down." She opened the door and started to head downstairs. "Mira, no!" I shouted and started to chase after her. She giddily skipped down the stairs while I was stumbling and tripping trying to catch her. "Morning!" Mira said in the same cheery voice when she came out this morning. "Hi, and you are...?" I could hear some confusion in my dad's voice. "Oh, I'm Mira, Taylor's friend." "Taylor?" I reached the bottom of the steps and grabbed Mira's hand, "Gotcha!" My dad turned to me, "Who are you?" There was this long, awkward pause. Nobody knew what to say. So, I'm pretty much screwed here, I just decided to tell him the truth.

"Dad..." I finally said. "What? I don't even know you." He said. "It's... I'm your son Timmy..." I looked him in the eye. "Son? You're a girl, you can't be-" He took a deep stare into my eyes. "Oh my God..." He dropped whatever he was washing in the sink. "Timmy... What... How?" I didn't want to point the blame over to anybody, but I had to, I can't just make up, 'Well, dad, I went to sleep and woke up as a girl.' Who's going to believe that? "It was really all Micheal's-" "Mira." She interrupted. "Mira's idea." I thought my dad would've been angry, but I guess he just has to deal with the fact that he has a girl for a daughter now. "Well, that's..." He couldn't finish his sentence, what was he supposed to say? Then my mom came out, "Oh, who are you 2?" "Mom, it's us." She took a minute to look at us. "Timmy?!" She finally said, "What happened!?" Do I really have to go through this again? "Mira, last known as Micheal to you guys, brought over this potion that he said would change one's gender. I didn't believe him, so I drank it. It was supposed to be temporary, but well, it kind of messed up and we're kind of... permanent..." Then, it hit my dad. "Oh no, then you're going to be...? Oh, Jesus, no!" He went into the kitchen with his hand on his forehead. I'm going to assume that he's afraid I might get pregnant, but I know better than to fool around. Plus, what are the chances of me falling in love? "No, dad, I'm not going to be a prissy, girly girl, I'm still going to be your good son, Timmy!" I tried to calm him down, and it worked. "Really?" "Yea, Mira's mind is taken over, she has the mind set of your average girl." I glanced over at her, she giggled. "So you don't have to buy me new clothes-" "Now hold on a second." My mom butted in, "Who said anything about that? I'm going to take you on the best shopping spree, EVER!" Did I forget to tell you how much my mom loves to shop? "No, mom, please, I don't need to." "No no... Erm, what's your name?" I sighed in disgust, "Timmy, mom, just keep calling me Timmy!" Mira sat down near the counter, crossing her legs casually, "Her name is Taylor." She smiled. "Taylor? I like that name." My mom said. Great, now my mom likes the fact that she has a daughter to do everything with, fan-freggin'-tastic.

And so ends my story. You know how it happened, you know how it ended... well, not yet at least. My mom is happy she finally has a girl to do things with; my dad still has the same son to go fishing, hunting and cooking with; and Mira... She's just really happy to be a girl now. Me? I'm absolutely pissed! Do you know how hard it is being a girl? No, you don't, because you didn't have to go through those changes, you don't have breasts to carry around, you don't have a pretty face so people can just stare at you. You have no idea, guys, really you don't. For God's sake, I don't think you know how much a hassle having... You know what? I'm done, okay? I'm done. You know what happened and the aftermath of it. Good-bye.
Oh, by the way, if you ever see a gypsy that'll sell you a gender changing potion, beat her up, please?

You've read my version, now stay tuned for tg-me to write his version!


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  5. Oh, sorry, did I mess something up? :o

  6. I can't view your story, what happened?

  7. Whenever I see your URL, I think "transgender Schutzstaffel". I don't mean to imply any sort of connection between your work and the Nazis, but the expansion is stuck in my head, and it makes for a very weird mental image.

  8. Any idea what happened to tg-me? His blog seems to have vanished, and his profile won't show.

  9. this is a quite interesting tg story

    but unlike you who still want's to remain a boy i would have to become like michael mira i would really embrace being a girl
    and just give into it and let my mind go and accept being female just because this is something i have really alway's wanted and wished to be being a boy has not been the greatest for me i've alway's wished i were female

    so i'm a mira girly girl girl

    i want to dress act and be a total girly