Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Sonic Dream

Here, at last, I'm finally writing one of the many stories soon to come. Side note: Before I start, I have gotten my inspiration from people, such as Whatevr89532 (He's/She's my model :3). It may look like I may copy his/her story format, but really, it's my own form of writing TG stories. I just wanted to put that out there first before I got flamed and such :L. For copyright purposes: I don't intend to have ownership of the pictures I use from the Internet, they are merely for show, detail and for fun (I put this here so I don't get in trouble ;) ) Enough talk! On with the story!

Jimmy had a problem. Not physically, not mentally but virtually. He had an unhealthy obsession over 'Sonic the Hedgehog'. Since his parents had introduced him to that cartoon when he was 4, he began to collect various items from Sonic's franchise. His room was filled with many Sonic figurines, Eggman posters and such. But he did love a character in particular, Tails. He loved Tails very much and thought he was the best character in the show. Sadly, due to his collections of Sonic, he's lost many friends.

After his day at school, Jimmy was walking his usual route home. But today was different. While proceeding through the neighborhood, he stumbled upon a new path he had yet discovered. Curious as he was, he took the stray leading path through bushes and trees to an open area surrounded by a forest. In the middle of the open area, he found an old stone well, it looked like it had traveled from the middle ages. "A wishing well?" He thought, "How come I've never seen this path before?" He looked back at the winding path. "Well, I guess I have time to kill anyways..." He started toward the well, pulling a quarter out of his pocket in the process. Holding the silver coin in his hand firmly, he closed his eyes and recited, "I wish... I wish I could be in the Sonic world." He threw the coin down the well. Waiting momentarily to hear a soft "Splop!", he decided to look down the well. Peeking down, he saw nothing but black. "HELLO!!" He shouted, chuckling at his echo as it bounded off the ancient walls. Suddenly, he lost his balance and began to fall into the deep dark abyss.

"THWUMP!" He landed and hit himself hard on the soft surface. Soft surface? He was dissorientated; his sight was blury, his hearing sounded as if fuzzy ear muffins were over his ears and his sense of touch was numbed. "Ohhh...." He moaned, seeing nothing but black for a couple of minutes. He sat there for a good 5 minutes, waiting out the symptoms. He finally noticed that he was back in the forest of which he just came from. "What the...?" He looked around, trying to find the path he came from. Nothing. "If I try to guess my way out, I'll get lost..." He planned, going with his gut to go north. After about 30 seconds of walking through the trees, he found himself in an open field. "Whoa!" He whispered, breath taken at the sight of the beautiful scenery. He jogged to a hill, trying to see if he could get a better sight. As he got to the hill, he felt tingly. Something in his brain told him something was going to happen, but he ignored it and admired the baby blue skies. "Why haven't I seen this path before?" He repeated, still awe-struck by beauty. Just then, he felt a sharp pain in his ears. "OW!" He exclaimed, grasping his ear. But what he held wasn't his ear; it didn't feel like his ear, but it was attached to his head.

His ears were growing and curving, pointing at the tip. They made fox ears. "How is this..." Interrupted again, he looked down at his hands which was growing orange hair at an alarming rate. "Ohmigosh, what's going on here?" He felt a warmth through his body as the fuzzy orange fur continued to spread along his body. He felt his hair melt into his head, noticing some hair in front of his eyes. His cheeks then sprouted white tuffs of hair as the last of the orange reached his feet. He looked down, finding that the shoes that once there were replaced by white and red shoes that only he knew were Tails'. He felt an immense pain above his butt as he could feel some of the pressure on his pants build up as well. Cringing, he heard the denim rip. He looked behind him and saw 2 giant fluffy tails, twirling around as if they had a mind of their own. His hands felt warmer, he didn't know why until he looked at his hands. White gloves had mysteriously appeared on his hands. He didn't know where the came from but he didn't care. His eyes turned blue as well as his nose turning black. He could see that his nose soon began to shrink and his mouth move outwards. Soon enough, he had a cute muzzle on his face. With that, he was now a 15 year-old version of Tails. "Huh... Kind of cool." He thought, looking down at his appearance. He was excited that he was Tails but, he didn't feel the right emotion to put this foward. After his monotonic enjoyment of him being Tails, things went wrong.

He noticed that the fur on his skin was a creamier color of orange. His fur felt so much softer than before as well. "Wow, it feels like I got washed in fabric softener." He said, feeling the fur on his skin. He felt his thighs widen and his waist shrink. He looked down and found that his jeans were lazily leaning atop his new thighs. "Oh no..." He though, he had a feeling where this was going. Next thing he knew, he was wincing in pain as his new vulpine skeleton was cracking loudly, rearranging itself into a more feminine compostition. His legs began to shrink and curve as his shoes slowly crept their way up to his shins. He began to take notice of his hands and arms shrinking like his legs. He felt both, his shirt and jeans feel funny. Looking down past his arms, he could see that they both turned white. His pants began to merge in with his shirt, feeling the denim climb up his legs. The leg sleeves also merge in with each other as well, forming a skirt. The cloth felt softer as it turned into nylon. He was about to take his eyes off of it before notcing that the skirt that had just formed was still climbing. "Wait! Stop!" He commanded the skirt as it was becoming extremly short. So short that his underwear, which had quickly formed into a pair of white panties, was visable.
His sleeves on his shirt soon began to go up his arms, tightening themselves on the way up. "Unngnhgng... This is... redicu... unghgn... lous..." He moaned in pain, hearing his voice climb pitch each syllable. The sleeves were now up to his shoulders and they began to tighten themselves at the strength of an anaconda. "Oh God, this hurts!!" He shouted, voice out of male pitch. The sleeves tightened their grip more and more. Finally, after an agonizing 45 seconds, they popped and in their place were 2 spaghetti straps. He looked at his shoulders in teary eyes, finding them smoother and more round than before. The collar on his shirt pulled itself down, making a V-neck. Shortly after, his own collar bone dislocated itself, feeling it lower out of its original place. He could feel 2 bumps on his chest, slowly growing. They continued to inflate like balloons, but the pressure that hurt his shoulders was back again, on his chest. The 2 bumps continued to fill in the empty spaces of the nylon dress. "Ahhh....Ahhhh..." He took in deep breaths both from loss of breath and the pain it caused. He couldn't take it, the pressure was too much, it felt like his heart would burst out of his chest. Suddenly, it stopped and Jimmy let out a sigh of relief as he found 2 new breasts on his chest.

With his new found cleavage; he felt something was missing. He wasn't quite a girl yet. That's when he could feel his penis seep into his crotch. Desperatly, he tryed to grab the small bump but sadly, he was too late. His penis that was once there was taken over by a vagina.

Jimmy stood there, in a body of a girl, but still Tails. "I'm... I'm... A girl?!?" She exclaimed in a high pitched squeel. She looked at her sore shoulders, finding the spaghetti straps laying there. Quickly, she slipped them off, attempting to save the embarresment that it might endure. She slipped the first one off but when she got to the second, she stopped. New thoughts and memories began to fill Jimmy's head. Soon enough, Jimmy was no longer a train of thought. Jimmy was now Tailia. Looking back at the strap she just slipped off, she giggled. "Why is my strap like this?" She said aloud, getting a thumb and sticking it through the strap and snapping it back loudly against her skin, back in place. "I like this look..." She said, looking down at her dress, "It's official, this is my new look." Her eyes lit up, "I know! I'll go show Amy and Rouge and see what they think!" She gleefully skipped down a path down to their houses.

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