Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Varsity has its attributes


    Marc ran track. He loves to run and likes to have a challenge when he runs. To show his love, he tries the hardest he can to get to Varsity track, and eventually, he made it. Being as proud as he is, his coach noticed his love for track and decided to put him to the test and enter him into a national track meet.
    One fine Wednesday, he went out onto track after school for his routine mile lap. As he stretched, his coach came up to him, "Hey Marc!" "Oh, hey coach!" "Listen, I've noticed your incredible performance on the track and decided to enter you into the national track meet!" Marc was excited. "Awesome!" "Of course, I'm going to have to keep a record of your runs for goals and such." Marc shrugged, "Sounds good to me!" "Alright, finish your stretching and we'll start." As Marc continued to stretch, he noticed a group of girls. He must have been oblivious because he'd never seen the girls here before. "Hey, John." He began to his friend next to him. "Have the girls always been there?" John chuckled, "You must be too into your running, bro. They've always been there!" Marc scratched his head and shrugged, "Oh well..."

    His coach was going to start him off with a simple training technique; Marc was to run 100m, then 200m all the way up to 500m to check his speed. He would do this each day and work his way up to a mile and up. "Ready... Set... GO!" Marc started a sprint to the end of the 100m. "Stop!" Marc didn't hear him and kept running. The coach blew his whistle. Marc stopped. He had run a full 300 meters and wasn't even breathless. "Nice job, Marc! You clocked in in about 7.53 seconds!" Marc was impressed with himself, he didn't know he ran that fast.

    Next day came and instead of doing a 200m dash, he went straight to 500m. "Ready, set, GO!" Again, Marc sprinted at his best speed. He looked over to the left and saw the girls doing the same, probably training for a local track meet. "Stop!" His coach yelled. "You ran a total of 14.27 seconds. That's ridiculously impressive, Marc." "Thanks!" Marc couldn't help but hear the girl's coach, "Sandy, you ran 21.20 seconds. That's the fastest time we've had for the girl's track!" Marc thought in his head, "Wow, 21 seconds is kind of slow, but then again, the girls don't have as muscular feature as boys do..." He shrugged and went off to shower and head home. When he got home, his dad was watching the news and there was a sickness that was getting loose to the people. It wasn't a fatal sickness, but rather an unusual one; it actually turned people the opposite gender. Marc didn't necessarily care, he knew that there is no such sickness that could do that in the first place. So, he ignored it and went off to his bedroom  to relax with a nice bit of TV.

    The next day, he walked onto the track, feeling nervous for some reason. He didn't know why, the marathon wasn't for another week. He stepped up onto one lane and began to stretch. He didn't want to be one to stare, but he caught a glimpse of the girls next to him. He noticed that some of the girls took their shoes off. "Why would they do that?" He wondered. Shoes obviously give more grip and won't make you slip if you stepped in something nasty. Then again, shoes added weight and somewhat slowed you down. He ignored it and finished stretching. "Alright, Marc, are you ready?" Marc got into position and nodded. "Ready, set, GO!" Marc took off sprinting for the 650m dash. About 4 seconds in, he began to lose his footing and started to stumble. Then, he fell. "Whoa! Marc!" His coach ran over to him, "Are you okay?" His coach knelt down and take a closer look. "Yea..." Marc moaned. It looked like he hit the ground a little hard, but Marc came out with little scrapes on his legs and hands. "I'm good, coach, I can still run." "Alright, I just want to make sure you're okay. Let me go get some bandages." His coach took off and Marc stood there examining his scrapes. Nothing too bad. He started back towards the start of the dash. As he walked, he noticed his shoes were loose. "Ah, they were untied!" Marc knelt down and tied his shoes and began to walk again. Still, they were loose. "Hmmm..." Marc grunted in annoyance. He knelt down and tied his shoes as tight as they would let his strength pull them. "There." Marc took a few more steps, and still the shoes were loose. "UGH!" He shouted. His coach came back to find Marc irritated. "What's wrong, Marc?" He handed him the bandages. "Coach, you think I could run this with my shoes off? My shoes were loose, that's how I fell." Marc explained, putting the bandages on the small cuts. "Uhm... Sure!" Marc took his shoes off and got into position. "Let's start back at 500m, Marc. I know those wounds aren't serious, but I just don't want you to suffer the whole way down." "Sounds fair, coach." "Ready, set, GO!" Marc began his sprint for 500 again. "STOP!" His coach yelled. "You ran... 21.20 seconds." Marc's eyes widened. "21.20?" He managed to gulp. "Yes sir!" He remembered the girls coach saying that that was the fastest time for girls. He shook his head and got it out of his mind. "Go and get some rest, we'll see how good you do tomorrow." Marc got home, still shocked about his time. "I'm sure it's nothing." He tried assuring himself. "It was probably your cuts, nothing more." He went upstairs and went to bed.
    Marc's clothing wasn't fitting right the entire day. When he got up, it was fine, but by the end of 8th period, his shirt was practically coming off. He went out to the track where his coach was sitting on the chair. "I'm here coach!" "Oh good, I was worried that you were sick!" "Uh, one thing coach." "What's up?" "Do you mind if I... Take my shirt off?" His coach was confused. "It's a little loose, I think I got the wrong one this morning. I don't want it to drag me if I'm running." His coach was confused. "Yea... sure..." Marc set his backpack and other things down where he usually put it. He took his shoes off and then his shirt. When he did, he noticed skin was awfully pale. His coach couldn't help but notice his skin too, he was worried about Marc now. "Alright..." His coach began in a stirred voice. "You're running the 400m again. Ready, set, GO!" Marc took off, full sprint, giving it his all. He felt weightless with the way he was running. "STOP!" Marc jogged back to his coach. "You ran... 28.37 seconds." Marc was awestruck. "What? I was doing a full on sprint! Nobody could have stopped me!" His coach sat down, "I know..." Marc noticed some worry in him. "Marc, I think you may want to go to the doctor." Marc's adrenaline started to race a little bit. "Why's that, coach?" "To be perfectly honest? ...I think you're turning into a girl."

"What?" Marc had this indescribable look on his face. "I think you should go to the doctor tomorrow." His coach told him in the most depressing tone he'd ever heard. When Marc got home that evening, he told his parents. "Mom, my coach said-" "We know, he called us." His dad put his newspaper down, "I think it's total boohockey. There's no way somebody can totally turn into a girl. I believe gays, yes, but a full blooded girl? That's-" "- enough, dear. We'll take you Saturday."
Surprisingly, Saturday came quite quickly. They checked in and waited about 15 minutes before getting called in. As Marc stepped into the doctor's room, a powerful blast of alcohol hit his nose. Marc coughed and sat down in a chair. As soon as he sat down, his doctor came in. "Hello, Marc!" He said. "Hi." "I'm Dr. Davis." They shook hands and Marc got a little more comfortable in his chair. "So... I'm hearing about you... turning into a girl?" Dr. Davis seemed a little disgruntled. "Well, that's what my coach says. My dad and I don't believe that whole stuff." Dr. Davis nodded. "Hmph. Well, we're going to take a blood sample anyways. Just for safety measures. Checking for any type of sickness, diseases etc." Dr. Davis pulled a needle out from the drawer. "If you don't mind?" Marc shrugged, "Go for it. I'm healthy as is." Dr. Davis sanitized a small spot on his arm and drew blood. "Now, usually it'll take days to test for diseases; and it will. But for this whole gender changing situation, it'll be no more than a couple of minutes. I'll be back with results." Dr. Davis opened the door and left.

Marc sat there for sometime. He thought to himself, thinking of how it's all possible to turn into a girl. "How do you get it? How does it even work?" Questions that a trained scientist may answer. His thoughts were interrupted by the door opening; it was his mother. "Geez, I've been looking for your room for a while! Where's-" "Excuse me, are you Marc's mother?" The door shut and all he could hear was muffled talking. All of a sudden, his mother began to cry. The door opened once more and Dr. Davis entered the room. "Well, Marc... I-I don't know how it's even possible... But it turns out that you are indeed turning into a girl." Marc jumped up from his chair. "HOW!? How is that possible!?!?" Dr. Davis went over to grab a white board from the cabinet above. "It's actually quite simple. The scientists who discovered this disease explained that it's mainly genomic, which is odd. Basically, your 'X' and 'Y' chromosomes are acting weird. Eventually, the chromosomes in the male body turn from an 'XY' to an 'XX'. Looking at yours, you're 'Y' is about a quarter finished from turning into a complete 'X'. So, to wrap it up, you'll be a full blooded woman by... Next week."

Marc got into the car with his mom. She started the car and began her way home. The awkward silence in the car could be cut with a knife. "So, mom..." Marc slowly began. "How... How does this uhm... affect you?" Marc's mom sighed, "I suppose... Well, I'm actually kind of happy." Marc made a 'what?' face. "What?" "Sure, you're turning into a girl. Now, I get to talk to you about more personal things! I get to finally open up and you'll understand every bit of it." "Is she out of her mind?!" Marc thought. "So, you're okay with this whole 'me-turning-into-a-girl' business?!" "100%." They got home and Marc was a little upset with his mom. "So, what did they say? Is it not real?" His dad asked. "They say my 'Y' is turning into an 'X'.' His dad scratched his head. "It's real, I'm turning into a girl." His dad had this look on his face that was so serious, but so much worry. "Oh." His dad didn't know how to react. His son was turning to his daughter. "I'll be completely different by next Saturday." "Wow..." Marc's dad managed to say. He turned the TV on and was silent the rest of that day.

Over the course of the week, Marc's changes were... tolerable. By Tuesday, his hair had grown down to his shoulders. Wednesday, he shrunk and lost most of his masculine features. Thursday, his voice changed over the course of the day, so by the end of track, he had the voice of a 3 year old. Friday was the worst, he lost... well... pretty much the thing that declared him a man. Saturday his entire face and body changed into that of a 16 year old girl, however, his mindset was still the same, so Michelle's dad and herself still had the fun they had when Marc was around.

The story seemed a bit of a rush near the end, I'm sorry for that. I hate to sound lazy, but at least the story is finished! I'll be putting another poll for another story right now. Be sure to vote! I hope you enjoyed the story!


  1. Can't wait to read the story. I hope I could inspire you to something great.

  2. Liked it.
    Except for the ending. It really seemed rushed and does and really go well with the picture. Maybe you can revisit it sometime in the future and rewrite it a little.

  3. I know, the story is a tad rushed near the end, and I'm sorry for that. Perhaps I'll change it up if I have the time later on.

  4. I dont think u need to change it, but I think u should add somemore about the whole track thing, kinda make the picture fit the story a little more. Like he joins the woman's track team and becomes the fastest there. idk