Friday, January 6, 2012


Jake was your typical nerd. He played games, he wore glasses, he didn't have a girlfriend and he usually stuck to himself most of the time. He usually wasn't very social, but sometimes he'll talk to 1 of 2 of his friends every now and then. Of course, he would get bullied because of how he dressed, what he does and also for passing all of his classes. Some days he'll be optimistic and cheerful, other days where he'd get bullied made him so depressed.

One Friday, he was walking to the school library to work on a project for English. As he entered, he was greeted by Louis, who bullied him a lot of times. "Hey look, it's Jake! What are doing this time, going on the computer to watch porn?" He said to him. "Can it, Louis." Jake said. "Ooh, somebody's getting all defensive! You know, they block that kind of stuff on the computer here, why not go home and to your basement where your 2 best friends can help you relax?" He started to laugh. "Is that why your girlfriend broke up with you in the first place, Louis? Surely she wasn't enough action for you." Jake's reply enraged Louis, "You little piece of..." He raised his fist and brought it down on Jake. "LOUIS!" His fist stopped mid way, "Were you going to punch this poor child?" The librarian walked over to them. "N-No, Ms. Wilkonson, I was... was..." "Uh-huh... I think the principal would love to hear this story." Louis lowered his head in defeat and followed the librarian.

That little fight that almost broke out was it for Jake; he's had it with bullying. He grumpily set his stuff down at a computer and began to log in. "Stupid people always making fun of me..." He muttered. "It's not my fault  I like being who I am." The computer started up and he opened his project. "GOD!" He slammed his fist on his knee. "*sigh* Sometimes, I wish I could get sort of respect..." He looked up and began on the rest of his project.

The ride home with his mom was a little awkward considering that the look he had troubled her and didn't want to talk about it with his mom. When he got home, everything was a little bit better: his mom had ordered pizza and his dad wanted to play a game on the computer with him. He went upstairs to get his laptop. On the way up, he had this feeling that something was about to happen. Not a good feeling, but not a bad one either, it was sort of in between. He shrugged it off and opened his door to his room. "Now where is my laptop..." He stood in the middle of his room and examined every little inch of it; it was hard for him to actually lose his laptop considering how clean his room was. He spotted the piece of technology under his bed. "There you are!" He walked over and picked it up. As he did, something tickled his neck. He jumped up in surprise. Looking up, he rubbed the back of his neck, "Huh..." He muttered, "Must've been a spider." he bent down again and saw a black streak, well, a lot of black streaks, almost like it was his hair. Of course, he thought it was nothing more than his blanket. "Huh?" He reached up to move the streaks from his view, only to find that they came back down. "Freakin' blanket!" He pushed the covers of his bed over and knelt down once more, that's when he realized that the streaks weren't his blanket, it was his actual hair.

"What the...!?" He ran to the bathroom to get a look at what was on his head. Surely enough, he had bangs. Not only so, but his entire head of hair seemed to have changed: his hair was longer and tied in a pony tail. "Whoa..." Jake wasn't surprised any more, but rather intrigued by it. He ran a hand through the hair that was now his. His distraction with his hair soon focused on a new change. He could feel his skin have this crawly sensation, kind of like his pet spider having babies and those babies were 'hugging' him. He shivered as the sensation grew more and more. After about a couple of seconds, it ended. "Weird..." It took him a while to notice in the mirror that his skin changed and his body hair was gone. Still amazed with his hair, he saw his hands beginning to shrink. He quickly stopped and looked at his hands. It was like watching a balloon deflate, his hands were shrinking so fast. He saw his arms do the same. In fact, his entire body was starting to shrink! He looked in the mirror as he shrunk a full foot. His shoulders rounded off and became less broad. His collar bone dipped into a feminine neckline. His legs were skinnier and feminized. He looked down at his feet and watched them change like his hands did, only this time his feet got a pedicure and his toe nails got painted with little flowers. They looked kind of cute. The jacket he had on turned black and cut itself at the bottom so it was 2 pieces. At first, he thought it was going to crush his chest, but it stopped short in the middle of his back. His shirt's collar pulled down and revealed his new neckline. The shirt gave a pink hue and the sleeves grew down to his wrists while the bottom of his shirt ruffled and formed buttons,  it almost seemed like a blouse. The bottom half of his jacket crept down behind his waist and pulled itself around, forming a belt like piece of cloth. The cloth turned into a pink plaid material. The cloth then grew down into a skirt and covered his jeans. The bottom of his jeans came up a little ways, about a quarter away from his ankles. The jeans grabbed his skin extremely tight and started to change like the rest of his clothes. His jeans went from a tough denim to soft, black cotton. As soft as it was, it still wasn't any comfortable. While all of this was going on, he had this feeling that there was a bra underneath his new blouse, but he was pretty sure that it was just the shirt.

He wasn't really scared, but rather amazed with the changes that were happening to him. "This is amazing!" He said in a tone that was higher than before, almost like a child's. Then, a loud, ear popping CRACK sounded. He knelt down in pain, holding his sides. "Oh my God..." He managed to say. His waist caved in on him with extreme pain. After that, his hips started to burn. "Ahh..." He whispered in pain, holding his sides still. His hips widened and still burning. After his hips were finished, the burning sensation moved behind him and onto his butt. Wide eyed from the pain, he quickly stood up, sitting on his butt with that burn isn't the brightest idea. He could feel his butt push out from under his new clothes and making his underwear and his  leggings even tighter. It was really uncomfortable to have the tight clothing on him. There was this uncomfortable feeling on his groin, however. He lifted the skirt up and looked at his groin. The bulge that sat there was pulling itself in, and he could feel it. He made a disgusted face as his manhood was receding into his body; with the awkwardness that came with it. He went to grab the bulge to stop it but when he tried to grab it, all he grabbed was the leggings. Then a cool feeling ran through his body. His body felt warm but his skin was cold. He didn't know what the feeling was, but it felt so good. He giggled as new emotions radiated from his new womanhood. Jake, still enjoying the last remnants of joy, wasn't finished. His chest started to push out. It didn't hurt, but it took the wind out of him. There was a lot of pressure behind each bosom and he started to gasp for air. Each breath he tried to take only fueled the growth of his breasts. Finally, he took a deep, cleansing breath and his transformation was completed.

She stood and looked into the mirror; shocked, surprised, amazed, confused, all sorts of emotions couldn't describe what she felt. "Wow..." She finally said in a shy, innocent voice. "I look... pretty..." She touched the mirror with a fragile hand. "Jenny, when are we going to start playing?" Her dad called from downstairs. "Jenny... I like that name." She smiled. "I'm coming! I was just looking for my laptop!" She called down. As she went to get her laptop, she began thinking, "Do they really know I'm a girl? After I just came up here as Jake? Have they known I was a boy?" Thoughts of these question filled her head, but she ignored them and went downstairs and played with her dad.

On Monday, when she went to school, she got attention and respect that she'd wished for that Friday. At last, her wish had come true. Even Louis came up to her and tried asking her out. She smiled, "Of course... NOT!" Laughing in victory, she went to the library and went to grab the project she'd been working on. As much attention and respect she got, she was still the nerd that Jake was: keeping to herself and playing games was what she knew best.

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