Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coming soon!

Hey guys!

With recent post of me being blank on ideas, I've asked that you may post ideas yourself. 2 people in particular have aided me with some good ideas:

Artemis said:

"...Or a boy who always get sport results which are that of a girl.

Or a boy creats a female character for his RPG game and then gets sucked into the game..."

Whatevr89532 said:

"...good punishment caption, that is, the sort of story where a guy does something bad and is punished by way of a transformation."

Now, of course they had more ideas, but these were the ones that struck me most (sorry!). Soon enough, I'll put a poll up asking which story would you want written with some of my personal choices included ;).

A little side note to Artemis and Whatevr, you WILL get credit. I don't want to be so selfish and forget :P

Keep watch, every so often!!

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