Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Look of Love

If the story seems a little rushed, I'm sorry. I kind of wanted to get this story done so I could start the next one that I kind of promised. So, here's the story, I hope you enjoy!
Happy Valentine's!!

James hated Valentine's Day. Every year, he'd watch his friends go off with their girlfriends and cuddle together under the moonlight or go to a restaurant to have a romantic dinner; he despised it all only for a simple fact; he never had a girlfriend. He's had multiple opportunities  but always ended with him failing to ask a girl out, that they may already have a boyfriend or they're not looking for a relationship. Always ending with him as being alone.

    With this, James was pretty much depressed each time Valentine's came around. He would sit on his bed at home and watch TV. But the TV only taunted him and showed Valentine specials. "GOD!" He turned the TV off and threw his remote on the bed. "I HATE BEING ALONE!!" He yelled in despair, he sounded as if he were about to cry. "I... I just wish I could have somebody to cuddle with on Valentines... Somebody to hug and kiss..." A tear came from his eye as he looked down at the ground in defeat. "But I guess that thought is just not possible..." He got up from his bed and went downstairs to get himself some water. Walking downstairs, he could feel something different. Like the walls were getting bigger, taller almost when he made his way downstairs. He ignored it and stepped into the kitchen. He opened the cupboard and tried getting a glass; he couldn't reach. He tried so hard trying to get a glass but it's like he shrunk a foot. He sighed in defeat and got a glass from the dishwasher and cleaned it. As he cleaned the stained blue glass, he noticed his hands were changing. No, they weren't beginning to raisin, but rather shrink. He turned the water off and took a closer look at his hand. "Hmm..." He softly hummed, examining his hand. His hand was smaller and looked almost fragile it was so small. His fingernails appeared to have grown slightly and his hand was completely hairless. It didn't quite hit him what was happening, but he, like the shrinking, ignored it and went on about his business. He finished washing the cup and turned to his fridge, only to be met by a sudden tingly feeling. "What is going on?" He put the cup down and stood there, waiting for something else to happen. After about 2 minutes, he picked the cup up and started for the fridge. He placed the cup under the water dispenser when he felt something on his neck. He brushed it away but it only came back. He played with this mysterious tickle on his neck for several seconds before he realized it was his hair.

    "Oh my God!" He flinched, almost dropping the glass of water. He placed the glass down and went back upstairs to his bathroom to see his, what was apparently, his new hair. Tripping and stumbling on the stairs to his room, he could feel his clothes become loose, as if he'd shrunk a little bit more. He got to his room and rushed into the bathroom. He turned the light on and saw the changes. His hair was now blonde and he had lost all masculinity. His skin was now lighter in tone. He looked closer in the mirror, trying to make sure what he was seeing wasn't false. As he crept towards the mirror, he could feel his butt pushing out; he wanted to stop but it was kind of forcing him. Without paying attention, he bumped into the mirror. He stepped back and saw that his face was completely different; he had the face of a girl. By this time, he realized how tight his boxers and jeans were against his skin. He could feel his butt push against the cloth and denim, it was really uncomfortable. That's when his jeans started to climb up his legs and start to merge together as they did. He looked down and saw the denim of his jeans turn into a blue cloth. Nearing his thighs, he could feel the rough cloth of his boxers to a pair of soft cotton panties.

    "Oh wow..." He said, hearing his voice change. He blushed at the thought of him wearing panties took his attention off his changing jeans. He looked up at his shirt which had started to change into a blouse by that time. The sleeves had already grown down above his wrists and started to paint blue stripes on the entire thing. He was kind of intrigued at the whole thing, but his interest was cut off by a tight pull on his waist. He looked down and found his new found skirt forming a type of bow on his waist. It pulled itself again, getting tighter on his waist. As it pulled itself onto his skin, it also pushed his waist in to fit perfectly. Still looking down, he could see his thighs expand to size and giving him a nice hourglass figure that all girls had. He felt something under the blouse and disturbed him. Trying to see through, he couldn't see anything, but he could feel what felt like a bra cuddling close to his chest. He could feel soft cloth against his nipples which kind of tickled. But that sensation soon went away when he saw that his chest was started to bloom.

    Just when he thought things couldn't get worse, he felt a pull between his legs. His hips jerked as the pull got stronger and stronger. "Oh no..." He whispered. He could feel a void open up from below as he knew that something was disappearing. He placed a hand under the skirt to feel around, but only found an empty patch of cloth and skin. He looked up and saw the final moments of his blooming chest filling in the bra underneath. And at last, the changes were finished.

    Jenny was shocked. She had just been turned into a girl. "I... I don't know what to do with a body like this..." She said in a quite, innocent voice. Just then, the doorbell rang. Her heart jumped as the thought entered her mind, "What if that's my parents?" She ran downstairs and peeked through the window; it was a guy in a tuxedo. "What the...?" She stood there, peeking through the window, looking at this guy. Each second she stared at him, he started to look more and more attractive. She was trying to build up the nerve to open the door, but was too nervous to answer. The man in the tux started to leave. She closed the blinds and opened the door and called to him, "Wait!!" He turned around. "Oh, hello." He said. "I'm looking for a girl named Jenny, is she by any chance here?" When he said Jenny, her brain told her that it was indeed her, and her mind took over from there. "I'm her." The man went up to her and placed his hands around her hips, "Happy Valentine's Day." And hugged her. As he hugged her, a tear came to Jenny's eye and started to hug back, "Happy Valentine's Day."

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