Friday, December 9, 2011

Wishes do come true!

Christmas time was here! It was December and Kevin just got onto Christmas break for a good 2 weeks before going back the next year in January. But, Kevin didn't really like Christmas, mainly because he never really got what he asked. He usually got clothes and a toy/game or 2. So, he didn't have that holiday spirit like most people do.

Kevin had an idea, "I'm going to go up to my parents and tell them to their face that I want what I want for Christmas, I'm tired of getting clothes!" So, he made his wishlist and went downstairs to his parents and stood in front of them while they watched A Christmas Carol. "Mom, Dad, I want you to get me what I asked for Christmas this year." His parents looked at each other, "Okay." Kevin was a little shocked, he didn't think it'd work that easily. "Really?" His dad nodded, "Of course! All you had to do was ask all these years, you never gave us a wishlist." Kevin felt so stupid, he had never made a wishlist until now; he just told them what he wanted. "Oh... Wow... Ok, here you go then!" He handed his Dad the wishlist. "Keep your fingers crossed, honey!" His Mom called as he went into his room.

It was a dreadful week and a half before Christmas Eve came, he didn't think it would be this long. But he had a good feeling that his parents got him what he asked for when they went shopping that Saturday last week and the Christmas tree they got was beautiful, though he had never seen it lit. So, the day went on as usual; watching TV and playing on the computer. As he lay on his bed, watching TV, his dad called up, "Good night, Kevin!" He got up in surprise, "Is it time to go to bed already?" He picked up his clock and it read 10:47 PM. "Hmph, I must have taken my mind off of... Today is Christmas Eve!!" Kevin got excited and so, he couldn't sleep. He was curious now, of what the Christmas tree looked like. He turned his TV and his lights off so he wouldn't wake his parents and stealthily came out of his room. He looked like a little child getting out of bed early to see the presents under the tree; tip-toeing and slowly taking the stairs 1 step at a time, trying not to wake his parents. The glow of what looked like the lights on the tree made him see a bit easier as he tried not to fall on the stairs. He then turned the corner to a bright light. He shielded his eyes until they could adjust and slowly moved his hand out of the way. There, in front of him was the big Christmas tree, alive with lights and ornaments with an Angel holding a star above its head. "Wow..." He quietly whispered, still staring in awe. He slowly walked toward the tree to take a closer look at its beauty. He could dimly see the presents under the tree, but he didn't care for that now. Each step closer to the tree, he could feel something inside him. Love? A sense of emotion? He didn't know, he just continued to walk towards the tree. He was right in front of the tree when that thing inside him now felt like butterflies. He felt something flow over him and he embraced it. But that sense of feeling soon faded and focused on his physical appearance...

He didn't feel it right off the bat, it took some time. He still thought it was this... emotional feeling. He stood at the foot of the tree, looking up and admiring the sight of such an amazing and awe-striking thing that was the Christmas tree. That was soon gone as a tickle on the back of his neck snapped him out of the trance. "Whoa... What happened?" He turned around, looking around and scanning the living room to see if there was any sight of his parents. He looked at the tree, "Oh... I must have been sleep walking..." A small sliver of hair got in his way. "Hmm...?" He grunted and pushed it out of the way. As he took another step, he could feel his hair stick on the cloth on the back of his shirt. "Wait a second, my hair isn't that long..." He reached back to his neck and grabbed a handful of long hair. His eyes widened to proportion. Attempting to use the light from the tree, he pulled some hair to his eyes; it was blonde and longer than what it was.

"What the...?" He was surprised. His hair was blonde, for one, and was longer than before. Before he had a chance to soak in to what had just happened to his hair, he started to shrink. His entire stature was brought down to size. All of his body slimmed down. His legs, however, curved and defined themselves into feminine figure. Then, his pants seemed to drop, like he wasn't wearing a belt and they just fell. He moved his shirt and saw that his pants had indeed fallen, but were tight against his skin and covered his feet. Squinting past his drowsy eyes, he could see them turn black and into a pair of silky stockings. A loud crack was heard as a sharp pain struck his sides. Bending down, he noticed his waist caved in. Still bending, he looked at his boxers and saw them quickly morph into a pair of panties. As tight and uncomfortable as they were, they only grew tighter when his hips widened and his butt pushed out. The pain on his groin was unbearable, but that pain he was feeling was only his changes. He looked down again to see that the bulge was gone. The pain was still going and he could feel his insides shift around and move. Then, he gasped as a sudden void opened behind the cloth of his panties.

His shirt pulled itself down and split into 2 pieces: a skirt and a vest. The piece that ripped off at the bottom turned blue and clasped his waist; flowing down past his thighs as a pretty skirt. The sleeves on his shirt crawled up his arms and stopped below his shoulder. Kevin felt a tightness underneath his shirt as a bra snapped over his chest. The shirt collar dipped into a V-neck and a pink spot at the tip of the V grew into a big bow. His face changed into a teenage girls as his eyes went from brown to a light teal color. His chest started to bulge; slowly pushing out and filling in the empty cups of his bra. Kevin closed his eyes, trying to keep the pain from taking over and breathing heavily. The pain was bearable, but Kevin knew that he couldn't take it much longer, so he screamed in a shrill girly tone. That made him feel a lot better. In fact, the breasts had just finished forming.

Katie put a hand to her mouth, knowing what she had just done. She looked behind her to make sure she didn't wake anybody up. She looked down at her new body. "Oh my..." She whispered, feeling the smooth silk of her stockings up to her baby-soft skin of her face. "Katie... Honey?" Her mom called from behind. Katie turned around in fear. "What are you doing up this early? It's only 3:12..." Katie was confused, "Katie, mom?" She asked. Her mom chuckled, "Of course dear! That's your name, isn't it?" Katie nodded, still confused. "Come on, honey, go to bed. Morning will be here soon enough for you to open your presents." Her mom went back to bed. Katie didn't understand: she just turned into a girl and yet, her mom didn't even know that she was a boy! Oh well... Who knows; she may even get that Hello Kitty necklace she asked for!


  1. I am a little confused by this; did what Kevin ask for relate to the change or was it a random occurrence he wasn't expecting?

    Otherwise I like most of the writing.

  2. oh my this is such a wonderful tg story

    i have alway's really felt and belived in tg magic esspecially during two holidays those being halloween and chirstmas

    at haloween boys can change into little girl witches and than go right out and change other boys into girl witches
    i would love to become a girl witch

    the other time is chirstmas when boys can be transformed into little girlies and i would just so love to become a chisrtmas girlie!

  3. just like in this chirstmas tg story!